No one saw it coming! Such a brutal end to such a beautiful fairy tale! Was the insatiable urge for lust and power so strong that sixth wife of Dubai ruler set fire to her own bed of roses? Masses are still not out of shocking news about her alleged affair with bodyguard Russell Flowers who was employed by UK mission Enterprise Limited, a London based security company owned by Dubai government lest her fleeing from Dubai and filing for divorce.

The burning question in everyone’s mind who has been keeping a close tab on the most controversial, messy break up of two royalties in such a callous, harsh and ruthless manner is what was the reason behind Princess Haya’s cheating? Was she not happy, satisfied and contented in her marital life that she started seeking pleasure out of her marriage?

News of her amorous behaviour is no secret. Being sexually active since her school days, she has reportedly been known to have slept with many class fellows and had several friends with benefits. She was also seen getting intimate with Prince Charles and is also trying to use her intimacy in trying to lure Queen Elizabeth to her side.

Was it fair on her role-mate Sheikh Rashid Bin Maktoum to catch her being intimate with her bodyguard when he suddenly visited their London home? Her cheating and infidelity have put Sheikh Rashid Bin Maktoum in the same light as was Prince Charles and royal family put under utter humiliation several years back.

Princess Haya is the 6th wife of Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the vice president and prime minister of the UAE. They got married in 2004 in an extremely intimate yet lavish ceremony when she was 30 and King was 55 years of age. Popularly known as “Junior wife” Princess Haya was born in Jordon. She received high education in Britain and is the half-sister of the current Jordanian ruler, King Abdullah II.


Princess Haya Marriage


The marriage which was seen by the world as cementing strong ties between UAE and Jordon, in reality, was the idea of Sheikh Abdullah and his family to marry into the royal family and extract money. The result was witnessed by the whole world where Princess Haya effectively influenced Dubai’s ruler to make generous donations to the organizations and charities established by the Jordanian royals in the memory of King Hussain. But the noteworthy question here is how did she manage to get her hands on millions of dollars from Dubai’s ruler for mega -terror outfit Hamas? Was she planning to leave her husband at that time and gathering allies on her side so that she can use them to her nasty ulterior motive in the end? If Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum was so cruel, oppressive & tyrannical, then why did he give Princess Haya access to his uncountable, inconceivable enormous finances.

According to news making circulation, she is trying to contact influential personalities in Hamas and Palestinian authority with the request to launch a series of attacks in Dubai to provoke her husband. There were also rumors doing rounds that Princess Haya plotted the assassination of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum through domestic help and security personnel in the Dubai palace.

If her infidelity was not exposed then would she have continued to keep on cheating her husband right under his nose? Was fleeing away with 31 million pounds, Sheikh’s two children and tarnishing Sheikh’s image not enough that she filed for a forced marriage protection order at the family division of the high court in London. The hearing of the same is going to be held on November 11.

Is it fair to start a new life with her own personal bodyguard by cheating on her husband and father of her two children? What is she trying to achieve by making two royal families of the UK and Dubai clash? Princess Haya has paved her way to happily ever after with her bodyguard cum lover, but what about her husband and children? And did someone gave Russell Flowers hands up that he may also become a jilted ex-husband as soon as she gets a new husband or the strong, sturdy embrace of a new lover?

Was the poem penned down by Sheikh Rashid Bin Maktoum wrote for Princess Haya? Have his heartbroken words not melted her lust-filled heart?

About what you did.

You loosened the reins of your horse, 

and the biggest mistake was that you lied.

You know your acts involve an insult, 

But you only insulted yourself.

You no longer have a place with me,

Walk away with whoever you were busy with.

Let your wickedness help you,

I care not whether you live or die.

The recent controversy between Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum and princess Haya has stirred up quite a storm in both UAE and the UK.

According to the latest news, the princess, who was Sheikh’s sixth wife, ran away and filed for asylum in the UK. There is a lot of talk going on about the matter, but no one really knows what’s actually cooking behind closed doors.

Princess Haya was the sixth woman to enter Sheikh’s haram as his wife and is the ONLY one to have embroiled herself in major controversies like this. The pair married in 2004 and lived happily UNTIL 2019 happened! Arab men are known to have multiple wives. It is no secret.

What makes this case special?

Even though the sheikh married five women before her, neither of them ever landed themselves in hot waters like Princess Haya! This is despite the fact that the sheikh gave her importance and entrusted her with some of his most valuable possessions.

What could possibly have enticed princess Haya to go this far? We all wonder the same. Don’t we?

The lesser known life of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum

While the world knows the sheikh as the ruler of UAE, very few are aware of his philanthropist activities. Despite being a ruler of such a massive kingdom, the Sheikh regularly contributes huge amounts to donations. He also runs a charity by his own name which is devoted to improving the standards of education in the Arab world. In 2010, he gave $10 billion to his own foundation in a bid to provide quality education to his fellow countrymen.

In 2004, the Sheikh and princess Haya got married. They have had two children together. Ever since their marriage, he gave considerable importance to princess Haya. It can be seen through the fact that Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum travelled the world with her. She always had an important say in different affairs of the state.

As part of his efforts to strengthen the women of his country, Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid made sure that women closer to him play a central role in the development of the country as well as of the region. This was one of the reasons why he brought the princess with him on international tours. While in marriage with the sheikh, princess Haya enjoyed considerable exposure to the country’s highest diplomatic and political circles.

The Princess And The Charity

The princess, being of Jordanian origin, ran a family charity foundation back in her country. Reportedly, she had sheikh contribute massive amounts to that. What the sheikh viewed as an effort on her part to uplift the less fortunate Jordanians turned out to be a vicious scheme to launder the money from the UAE to Jordan by the princess.

Currently, the woman has sought shelter in her luxurious mansion in Kensington. What seems fishy is that despite Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid’s committed treatment of her, princess Haya decided to leave him in unpredictable circumstances. That’s where the problem seems to lie.

princess haya charity

What is that secret that the princess doesn’t want the world to know?

Now that their case is all set for hearing in November, we’re hoping for the truth to come out. Despite the pair’s union in marriage since 2004, the princess appeared to have no complaints with how Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum treated her. Even though he gave her everything she asked for, her sudden decision to leave the sheikh doesn’t really add up. There’s definitely something more to it which will hopefully come out in time!

A ruler is known for the image he carries, his work and legacies. It has taken Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum years to change the face and structure of Dubai. So much so that he changed the face of Dubai by dangling the desert sands and shaping them into a famous tourist destination in the whole wide world.

From the high-rise buildings to the hotels that embrace you in world-class luxury and souks that introduce you to the traditional Arab culture, Dubai has it all, and it has the efforts of its ruler to praise. But the same ruler has been subject to some serious allegations which are a hovering threat to his future on the throne.

Where Is Sheikha Latifa?

It is said that in January 2019 Sheikha Shamsa the daughter of the Sheikh and the elder sister of Princess Latifa was murdered due to overdosage of drugs. Both these sisters had made attempts to flee the palaces which are also regarded as a perfect cover-up for caged prisons. After finding out what happened to her elder sister Princess Latifa stopped taking food because she was being drugged too, and became violent with the maids who used to take care of her. It is reported that her phone was also taken from her, which made her even more anxious until one of the members of the royal palace ordered the beating of princess Latifa to teach her a lesson.

According to Blitz, Princess Latifa had been beaten mercilessly for an hour where she begged them not to kill her, but the maids never listened to her plea for life and kept beating her until she dropped to the floor unconscious. Thereafter, the rumors of her death went viral over the internet but nobody knows how much truth these rumours hold.

The question remaining is was she murdered or was it a trick played by the Sheikhs enemies to defame him. Some say it is an attempt by princess haya to tarnish his image and earn billions of out it. It can also be said that the Sheikhs enemies used this news as a planned plot to be used against the Sheikh in removing him from the throne.

Why Did Princess Haya Flee?

Those reporting in favour of the princess said that she found out many disturbing secrets of the royal family, the rumour of princess Latifa’s murder being one of them. She had also involved the UN in the matter to come and investigate the disappearance of Sheikha Latifa upon which the former UN Commissioner for human rights Mary Robinson went to meet princess Latifa at the palace. After that Princess Latifa was never seen again until reported dead. Some claim that this episode and other dirty secrets of the UAE royal family had scared princess haya and made her escape with her two children.

princess haya

Moreover, she has filed a forced marriage protection case in the UK, which is again another attempt to tarnish the sheikh’s image but is it really so? Or is she right and the reason for her fleeing is the possible threat of forced marriage upon her children from the sheikh’s side because this is seen as a common culture in the royals.

There is also news of her being involved in laundering money from the sheikh’s accounts to her own which shows that she was planning this escape for a long time. It was also rumoured that the sheikh’s offspring had been violent towards her and had harassed her. Moreover, the sheikh’s ex-wives had insulted and humiliated her as well.

Princess Haya also claims that there are threats to her life which can be justified as true from the fact that she was caught being intimate with her bodyguard Russell Flowers on various occasions and once even by the Sheikh himself in England. No man would ever remain calm to being cheated openly by his wife and that too one of his favorites. It is quite normal for the sheikh to show anger and remorse over the issue but taking it to a death threat is going too far.

Involvement With The D- Company

It has been known for a long time that the D-Company which is in the ownership of the all-time famous Mafia Don Dawood Ibrahim has been operating in Dubai for a long time now. Although the members of the royal family claim to have no connections with them and they also claim that they have no information about the activities of this company which is heading the whole Asian underworld business; reports say that one member of the royal family has links with the D-Company and is assisting them in many ways. Such an allegation is very serious, and if proven right by any chance can cause the end of power for UAE’s royal family or at least the Sheikhs throne which is hanging from a nail at the moment.

A lot of attention has been revolving around the recent case of Princess Haya, the sixth wife of Dubai’s Prime Minister Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, fleeing from Dubai and residing in the UK. The princess has taken her two children, Sheikha Jalila, Zayed bin Mohammed along with her, and has pleaded the UK’s high court to grant her the custody. The reason that has come to the surface is that the princess fled due to the family violence that led to the running away of sheikh’s daughters, Sheikha Shamsa and Latifa. Domestic violence and the inability to enjoy the rights of women were the primary reasons why the daughters fled but were caught and returned to Dubai.

From the sources, it was discovered that Princess Haya wasn’t informed to why Sheikha Latifa fled Dubai in 2018. According to her, Sheikh Muhammad told her that she was abducted and had to be rescued, which she later found out that Latifa fled because of domestic violence and the household limitations that have been imposed on them. The Princess feared for her children and fled to the UK to escape forced marriage of one of her children.

Another side of the story tells us that the families, particularly in Arab, tend to secure their pride abiding by the regulations that have been laid based on the commandments of Islam. Although Dubai is the center of the World’s progress and diverse cultures, it is highly possible that the families residing in the country tend to restrict themselves to the traditional norms, irrespective to the world that surrounds them.

Princess sheikha

The fleeing of Sheikha Latifa and Shamsa can easily be connected with the idea that they had connections that made them ponder about breaking from these bonds and shackles of oppression that women can’t live openly like men. Enjoying the luxuries openly, being able to move in the male-dominated society, working independently; in short, having a free will is a wish of everyone, and so did the daughters. Since it’s the matter of the royal pride, Sheikh Muhammad probably didn’t want the family name to be stained from such acquisitions. In doing so, they might have restricted the family members to the limit that it was beyond Shamsa and Latifa to bear, hence they fled.

However, the same cannot be said for Princess Haya as she was seen with the Sheikh on many stages, greeting foreigners and delivering speeches. It didn’t seem that the princess was facing such a situation of domestic violence and with her status as the daughter of the former king of Jordan and the half-sister of the present king of Jordan, it would seem absurd for Sheikh Al Maktoum to carry out such an act.

In a recent tweet from one of the friends of Sheikh Al Maktoum, who tweeted a poem written by the amateur poet himself, pointed towards infidelity, deeming that Princess Haya fleeing was due to her relations with someone else. Sheikh himself also took to social media, posting another poem, which alluded to the princess act of fleeing. Overall, there have not been any official statements from the Sheikh’s side, and the idea of Princess Haya fleeing based on the domestic limitations imposed by Sheikh Muhammad seems vague.

Although the news of domestic violence and the current status of Dubai contradict heavily, being an Islamic state, it is mandatory for the residents to impose such laws and restrictions. The idea is also important since they want visitors to acknowledge the heritage of the Islamic culture. Therefore, such restrictions are justifiable.

Conclusively, it can be said that Princess Haya didn’t want the restricted life that Sheikh Muhammad imposed on the family members. However, the hidden facts behind the royal clash are still to be discovered.

The whole world came to a standstill when Princess Haya, the most loved and cherished wife of Dubai king fled to London along with her two children from the king and his 31 million pounds after breaking her marriage with the latter. According to credible sources, Princess Haya was helped by a German diplomat to flee from her husband after extracting the homogenous amount of money from him.

This act of hers not only triggered diplomatic crises between Jordon and UAE but also broke the King’s heart which is evident from his Instagram post in which he accused her of deception, treachery & betrayal. He wrote: “Go to whom you get busy with!!!?” No one, absolutely no one in their wildest dreams saw it coming. The couple who was so much in love with each other will have such a dreadful and bitter end. Sheikh’s and Haya’s enemies were amused and their well-wishers were disheartened when they witnessed how royal couple’s dirty linen was being aired and washed very publicly.

But the question that boggles one’s mind is why all the Arab Princess are running away from the sanctuary, protection and four walls of their palatial homes. Was Princess Latifa saga the final blow to the marriage of this royal couple or the harsh treatment of kings sons was the final nail in the coffin? Is this the reason Princess Haya asked London court to protect her children from being forced into marriage and thus seeking a non-molestation order protecting her from harassment or violence. Although the details of the matter were not disclosed as to which child was the subject of marriage protection motion.

Is Princess Haya actually the one to be blamed for this divorce? What was the real reason that she fled her husband’s home and took asylum?

Princess haya

Princess Haya was the most cherished wife of Sheikh Rashid Bin Maktoum. Educated at Oxford University, she has been an excellent sportswoman and is a staunch believer that sports not only improve life but empowers women and breaks down the barriers between nation and people. At the mere age of 13, she was the first Muslim female to represent Jordon in equestrian show jumping.

She was different, she was a class apart from the other wives of Sheikh not only because of her Olympic ambitions but also due to her Jordanian background. She was the only wife who was allowed to have her social media accounts and being photographed in public without a veil. Then what went wrong in paradise? Even after being given so much freedom, what broke her so much that she decided to end her fairy tale marriage? Or was it not the fairy tale marriage the world believed it to be?

Were the suffocating norms, conservative culture and millions of rules and regulations imposed on the royalty finally strangled the last ounce of love in their marriage? Did princess Haya fear her daughter Jaliyah will also have the same fate as Sheikh Latifa?

Did the wife sacrifice in front of the motherly instincts? Were princess Latifa and shamsa so badly treated that she feared her daughter will also have the same fate in the future? One is forced to contemplate after these dramatic and shocking escapades of Princess Haya, Latifa, and Shamsa that are there no laws safeguarding Arab women against domestic violence? Have they had zero faith in their court systems where according to their ruler’s tall claims patriarchy remains deeply entrenched?

If only they would have gotten justice in their country, they probably wouldn’t flee.

The story of Princess Haya’s tactful escape from UAE made it to the headlines of every influential newspaper but as we move towards the hearing of the case princess Haya seems to be losing substance to bring to the court.

The case started with the talks of separation and the security of the Sheikh and princess Haya’s children which was marked by the forced marriage protection law. With a series of allegations on the sheikh princess, Haya has now got the attention of the whole world to herself whereas Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has chosen to remain silent and go with the flow.

We don’t know whether it was the silence of the Dubai ruler which pushed princess Haya to go a step further in accusing him of murdering his own daughter princess Latifa or openly declaring a wardship case in the courts of London but it did raise a great amount of international support for her in the international media. All one could see was the headline “Princess Haya running for her life”. Which leaves the question of what suddenly happened between the couple which made her flee along with her children?

The stories of Princess Haya’s infidelity are openly being discussed over the media. News has it that the sheikh caught his wife being intimate with her ex-lover Russel Flowers in London and maybe this was a nail in the coffin of their relationship. Any wife wouldn’t have a proper explanation for such an act and when princess Haya saw an end coming to her relationship, she planned to get a separation which would not only promise her freedom but also a great monetary benefit.  She ran away with both her children as leverage. Somewhere she knew that she was a gone case for the sheikh and he wouldn’t give a damn about a woman who’s been sleeping with other men but if she had his children she might get exactly what she wants with a little settlement.

Princess Haya after court

By leaking rumors about being badly treated by the Sheikh and his family she plans on gaining an audience of sympathy but will this sympathy make her win the case in court?  Moreover, she claims that her life is under threat but the nature of the threat is still unknown.  If you take a minute and observe the pattern of the events you will clearly see how the princess has dramatically linked the events of her life with Princess Dianas and is now creating a hype of being secretly murdered by the Sheikh on getting caught in a relationship. Has it occurred to you why she fled to UK and hired the same lawyer Fiona Shackleton who was also hired by the royal family of England during the Diana case. Rumor says she’s trying to hype up the case from every angle to compel the Sheikh to submit to her demands because she knows the Sheikhs reputation is at risk. But if she’s unable to prove all these things in court then all her effort will be in vain.

Since the royal family has shown a lack of support for princess Haya by rejecting her petition for asylum the princess is on the hunt for other political allies to support her. The royal family of England obviously doesn’t want the king of Dubai to withdraw his million-dollar investments from the UK and hence they never used their influence to keep princess Haya under their protection. Where different countries have kept silent about the matter Qatar and Jordan are her only supporting pillars left.

Moreover, princess Haya is facing the allegation of launching terrorist attacks on Dubai with the help of Hamas and Palestine. If anything of such nature happens princess Haya might find herself in deep waters because firstly the Sheikh will never forgive her for ruining the peace of her country and secondly she will tag herself as a terrorist in the world; both scenarios are equally unfavorable. Or maybe Princess Haya is hiding something which no one knows and now she’s running short of land to hide and this is the reason behind the fireballs which she’s aiming at the Sheikh.

If such things keep going on and she keeps upsetting the members of The UAE royal family her end might actually be similar to Diana’s especially when we’ve already seen Princess Latifas fate. The world is anxious for the hearing that is going to be held on November 11th and God knows what we might hear in the news by then.

“Every day I am amazed by the things he does. Every single day I thank God that I am lucky enough to be close to him,” were the words of princess Haya in 2016.

Judging from the dialogue and the romantic past the couple shared, nobody could’ve anticipated the events in the coming few years. From watching horse races together to going on foreign tours and delegations the couple was seen in close proximity in public. After princess Haya’s exit to UK, the world was taken by surprise at the unfolding of events marred by allegations stemming from her embattled marital relationship.  There were unanswered questions regarding the filing of divorce, fight for custody of children, secrets of the royal family, and worse still how the children would react to this separation.

The royal exit has sparked speculation in the media and the masses following this story and the undisclosed details yet to follow the grapevine.  The quantum change in relationship is dramatic concerning the short marital life and the impact it has had on the ruling class both in the U.K and the home country.  Her decision to file for wardship is a step towards a complex legal battle that would not bode well for either party.  Moreover, a forced marriage protection case along with a request for a non-molestation order has been filed to protect her from harassment and threats. What do these developments suggest?

Are these claims directed towards proving that Sheikh Rashid bin Maktoum has not been treating his family well? Or does the past record of his two daughters running away from home and now princess Haya’s escape prove that the royal palaces of Dubai have something to hide?

princess haya lifestyle

Before we dive into this argument it would be better to take a look into the liberal lifestyle of princess Haya and Sheikh Rashid bin Maktoum.

The couple got married in 2004, and ever since they tied the knot they’ve been seen together on numerous occasions. To all the onlookers they seemed the epitome of perfection as a couple, and such examples are rare in royal families, but here we were drooling over the two of them, one who was turning Dubai into a dream destination and the other who was influencing women all over UAE with her attire, aura, and personality.

Recently there was a claim circulating from princess Haya’s side that she and her kids were living a restricted life in Dubai and rumor has it that she developed a negative image of the Sheikh after two of his daughters ran away.

It is a fact that his daughter Princess Latifa had fled the palace twice and was caught on her father’s orders. After the second time, it was rumored that the princess had been tortured to death; a rumor which was later proven wrong when Mary Robinson “Former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights” visited princess Latifas home and her pictures were released where she sat smiling with Miss Robinson.

We take from the fact that Mary Robinson had been summoned upon the request of Princess Haya in December 2018 which clearly shows that the latter had doubts about Latifa’s well being.  The visit upped the ante in the mutual distrust between the couple given that princess Latifa had opted to live her life freely.

Princess Haya is indirectly trying to take the same stance by filing cases of protection against molestation and a warding case which clearly shows where she’s headed in her defense. The question is; is that even a valid accusation? Given her luxurious and liberal lifestyle with Sheikh Rashid Bin Maktoum, it is hard to say that princess haya had been shackled in any way.

It is now official that for the first time in life, the Billionaire Emir of Dubai – Sheikh Muhammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum seems really heartbroken. While the reason has pretty much been made public by Princess Haya herself as she has just recently asked for wardship of her two children and “forced protection order” to trap Sheikh Rashid more into the billion-dollar divorce, His Highness Sheikh Rashid has finally replied back to all the criticism and controversy by taking support of his poetic talent.

The Prime Minister of Dubai expressed his grief regarding the divorce by posting a verse online with the title “Swords of the Excellence” right after his wife Princess Haya went to attend the first hearing of their case in High Court of Justice in London to fight for the legal battle of their children’s custody.

Princess Haya was the only fortunate wife among the six others of Sheikh Rashid who got every opportunity to walk hand in hand with the ruler of Dubai on every occasion. She was always given more liberty to do things which were pretty unusual as a wife of one of the greatest rulers of the Arab world; from expensive dresses to representing Sheikh on national and international forums, she had it all.  This altogether also eliminated the doubt that whether Sheikh’s marriage with Haya was some sort of a hidden mutual contract because, in the end, Sheikh Rashid seemed to be in too much love with her (which led to such favors as well)

As it is pretty much understandable that the news of almost three consecutive orders in past one month must have hurt him badly, therefore he decided to come out with the following words. The beauty however about this small piece of poetry is that Sheikh Rashid has penned down each word with so much sense that it can be made relevant for other people going through the same rough phase.

Disclaimer: It is a translation of Sheikh’s words according to Foreign Policy

Some wrongs are called betrayal, 

And you broke the boundary and betrayed. 

O you who betrayed the most precious of trust,

My sorrow revealed your game.

Your lie, let it be known, its time has passed,

We care not about “we were, and you were,”

I have proof of conviction, 

About what you did.

You loosened the reins of your horse, 

and the biggest mistake was that you lied.

You know your acts involve an insult, 

But you only insulted yourself.

You no longer have a place with me,

Walk away with whoever you were busy with.

Let your wickedness help you, 

I care not whether you live or die.

Sheikh Mohammed is a self-proclaimed poet who is also regarded highly for his sane choice of words to shed light on political and social occasions in the form of poetry. According to him, he has always considered poetry a hobby that he follows to enlighten people about things that matter and general life. So, looking at what Sheikh has written regarding his divorce, which is gaining publicity with every passing day, he feels sad to become the victim of infidelity in front of his own people who have always loved him.

The matter of their separation first became worst when Princess Haya flew from Dubai earlier this year along with her two other children. She has consistently been blaming Sheikh Rashid for oppression and a caged life in the name of her marriage with Sheikh.

While Princess Haya is in Dubai working closely with her legal team – including the divorce specialist lawyer Fiona Shackleton, who managed Prince Charles’ split with Princess Diana, Sheikh Muhammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, on the other hand, hasn’t appeared on any of the two hearings held till date. The final decision of the billion-dollar divorce will be announced on 11th November.

It is no secret that Princess Haya has served as strong financial support for Jordan in the past. Her marriage to Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, although an arranged affair had proven to be a constant channel of financial aid when the Jordanians needed it the most. All was going well until the news of princess Haya’s escape from Dubai came out.

Since over a month this has been a hot topic in the Arab world, with lots of anticipation in motion regarding the hearing in the UK on November 11 the people are desperate to know the outcome of this case. Princess Haya mysteriously fled to Germany with the help of her close German diplomat friend taking her two children along. From there she made a move to England where she has filed three cases against the Sheikh of Dubai and father of her two kids.

While princess Haya takes the stance that she had been harassed by the offspring of her husband and that his wives had boycotted and humiliated her time and again, it is still not clear why she would file forced marriage protection and a wardship case in the courts of UK. This has taken a major blow on the reputation of the Sheikh, who is the prime minister of Dubai and a man of influence in the UAE.

Princess Haya who is Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s Sixth wife was always seen with him, and the two were known to share a close bond of love. Their presence was entertained by envious eyes of the commoners and people of the royal family as there are rare examples of couples in arranged marriages turning into lovebirds. After sharing such a bond of love and affection with the sheikh princess Haya has made a wrong move by declaring open war against him and shaming him across international waters. This has put the welfare of thousands of Jordanians living in the UAE at risk!

The fragile ties between Jordan and the Gulf states are no secret. Jordan had already put itself in a tight situation by keeping strong ties with the states which are not on Dubai’s list of favorites. Amidst all the chaos princess haya decided to take a leap and put the political affairs of so many states at risk! King Abdullah of Jordan who also happens to be princess Haya’s half brother has kept himself at a distance from this matter because anything that he says can directly affect the status of thousands of Jordanians living in UAE who have already been put under threat by princess Haya’s open call to battle in court.

Jordan has been known to take financial aid from Dubai and the other states of UAE. This open defamation of the Sheikh from princess Haya’s side is already reason enough to put an end to the handsome amount of money that was being sent from Dubai to Jordan in the name of financial aid. Princess Haya herself was also known to transfer large sums of Sheikhs money to the charity accounts in Jordan. Reports say that Jordan was being generously funded by princess Haya’s donations, but little do we know whether Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum had any knowledge of these donations. Moreover, it can be seen that princess Haya had open access to the Sheikhs finances as she has been known to give luxurious gifts to her friends and lovers as well.

Princess Haya Divorce

It is hard to fathom that princess haya was not being treated well by the Sheikh because among all his six wives she was the only one who was given the liberty of public appearances, a say in financial matters, foreign tours with the kings himself and the Sheikh actually seemed to enjoy the company of his iconic wife. This was something none of the other wives of the sheikh had. Stories of their romance were heard all over the Arab world then suddenly claiming that she wasn’t treated well is something that doesn’t really fit the picture.

The current scenario is such that Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum is ready for a settlement but he wants his kids back. Princess Haya’s refusal or lack of cooperation could cause the lives of many living in Dubai at financial risk because the once so generous Sheikh might not end up being so generous after being humiliated by a Jordanian princess. Tensions between Jordan and UAE can be seen to develop as last month king Abdullah praised his host Mohammed Bin Zayed in a ceremony during the joint exercises with the UAE. He named a division after him too but Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum never attended any of these ceremonies which clearly shows he’s not very happy with his wife, and king Abdullahs half-sisters betrayal.

All the Jordanians living in the UAE are eyeing the matter with great interest as things might change for them after November 11. Most of them are hoping that princess haya would not bring more baseless accusations to the court, which might have a negative impact on the lives of the Jordanians living in the UAE.

If Dubai is known to be a commercial and trading hub on the world map today, then it is all because of the continuous efforts and pro-business mentality of the current Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, and ruler of the Emirate of Dubai – His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Being the third son of Dubai’s ruling Maktoum family, his highness has been the driving force behind modernizing Dubai to compete on Global level and with all his right contributions in 70 years of his lifetime, he has indeed been successful in whatever he touched.

You may have heard his highness being constantly nominated in the list of “The 20  Richest Politicians In The World” with a net worth of $14 Billion as of 2019. Sheikh Mohammad Rashid is also known for his massive charitable donations including the $10 Billion invested to set up the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation, but there is a lot more to the remarkable life that puts him far above his other successors.

So, shedding light upon his highness’s contribution to Dubai’s development, here are a few of his massive achievements that will most definitely surprise you!

 He Started Off As The Head of Dubai Defence Force:

After getting his military training from Mons Officer Cadet School, Sandhurst – famous for training British Royal members like Prince Harry & Prince Williams, His Highness was appointed as the head of ‘Dubai Police Force’ and the ‘Dubai Defence Force’ by his father. However, the massive achievement was yet to come when he was given the responsibility of being the first Defence Minister of UAE in 1971. It was under his commandments that UAE had its first defence force, which was helmed by the Britishers previously.

Dubai International Airport & The Rise of Emirates:

In one of his recent books, Qissati, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum revealed that the plan of ‘Destination Dubai’ goes back to 1970 when he proposed for an airport in front of his father that should serve to be an international aviation hub. His development plan was based on the whole city being one of the best touring destinations, and that is the reason why when he became the official for trade, marketing and tourism affairs, the government of Dubai focused a lot on establishing hotels, organizing horse races and other fancy events.

Today, Dubai International Airport stands as the second-best airport in the world that has catered 8.2 million passengers in July 2018, along with open sky policy that lets all of the airlines to operate through Dubai.

His Highness was also one of the main minds behind the leading airlines today – Emirates. It was inaugurated in 1985; right in the same year of “Dubai Airshow” as well.

Dubai Ports World:

Back in 1991, Sheikh Mohammed played the stroke of a genius by merging the Jebel Ali Port with Free Zone and Port Rashid in order to transform it into Dubai Ports Authority. DP turned out to be a trading powerhouse which linked east and west, along with the company operating 77 terminals across 6 continents around the world.

The Burj Al Arab & Burj Khalifa:

Moving on with his vision to make Dubai as one of the greatest places in the world, he inaugurated the truly iconic and luxurious Burj Al Arab in 1999. This later gave more confidence and belief to him, which also resulted in the commencement of Burj Khalifa – the tallest building in the world, a decade back in 2010.

Dubai Internet City:

To gather massive investments, Sheikh Al Maktoum announced the plan for Dubai Internet City in 1999 with an aim to make the country a technology hub and free trade zone. This later also evolved into the formation of ‘Dubai Media City’ – a tax-free hub for media organisations and contributed a great deal in ‘Dubai Healthcare City’ and ‘Dubai Knowledge Village’ as well.

Mohammad Bin Rashid School of Government:

While he renamed the Dubai School of Government to Mohammad Bin Rashid School, it was also totally changed into a research and academic institution aimed at improving public policy and administration in the Arab World.

In 2007, His Highness also raised massive donations of $3.5 Billion in the name of Dubai Care Campaign to support U.N Millennium Development Goals for educating the children of poor countries.

His contribution in the education sector is also stretched to the recent Arab Reading Challenge that has been launched in response to Arab Thought Foundation’s claim of how Arab children give 6 minutes per year to read as compared to 12,000 minutes in the west.

Gender Balance Council:

Fulfilling his vision of gender equality in the country, Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum also gave birth to Gender Balance Council in 2015, where he assured that the committee would work to strengthen and empower the women of the country to become partners in the development of United Arab Emirates.

The list of his achievements would still continue to expand for as long as he is alive. While this signifies his passion for Dubai and how his highness has always wanted Dubai to outshine the world in every department, the list also leaves no room for doubt that why he might always remain to be the greatest ruler in the history of United Arab Emirates!