The world still remembers the day when His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President Of the UAE, announced 2019 to be “ The Year Of Tolerance” in the UAE. Portraying the land of opportunities, Palm trees, and mind-blowing Skyscrapers as an embodiment of tolerance and thus promoting philosophy, values and ideology of peace & co-existence in local, regional & international communities.

But in the same year of love, peace & forbearance, the news of most cherished, sixth wife of Sheikh Rashid Bin Maktoum fleeing from Dubai taking her two children took the world by shock, surprise, and utter bewilderment. Princess Haya, the first Goodwill Ambassador of OIE, aiding & running many charity organizations and responsible for donating nearly 1,000 families in Gaza, failed to observe tolerance herself. But what was there to tolerate in the first place? They were happily married couple for the outside world. She was the most cherished & beloved wife of Sheikh Rashid Bin Maktoum. Then what happened that she failed to show endurance, kindness, and tolerance towards her marital life?

Sheikh Rashid Bin Maktoum, like a true gentleman and patient ruler & husband, still showed kindness towards her and never uttered a word in the public about her deceit, fraudulent & adulterous nature. He knew that he was the victim of infidelity, still, he remained silent on the matter, giving her chance time and again to redeem herself and mend her atrocious ways but what happened? She put an abrupt end to a beautiful fairy tale.

Now, appointed as Jordanian Diplomat in the United Kingdom, she has shed all her inhabitation and declared an all-out war against her husband Sheikh Rashid Bin Maktoum & Dubai. One cannot fail to ponder, why the teaching of endurance, patience, and perseverance didn’t affect her one bit. Why she fled from her home and broke her marriage? If she thinks that her husband mistreated Sheikha Latifa, then she should have had a dialogue with him and fought for women’s rights.

princess haya nd sheikh rashid

Turning the Jordanian embassy into a house of anti-Maktoum makes one question her low level of tolerance. One wonders why didn’t her brothers Prince Ali & King Abdullah II take into consideration the effect of making her a Jordanian diplomat?

According to credible sources, the first step the not so tolerant Princess took was to chalk out a detailed plan of exposing “Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.” Princess Haya’s all such steps show how much hatred, antipathy, and malice she is filled with regarding her husband. Sheikh Rashid Bin Maktoum, true to his Vow didn’t wash his dirty linen in the public and chose to express his grief, anguish, and despondency through his poems written for his wife.

Now, all one can do is wait and see whether Princess Haya’s brothers will be able to show the same tolerance towards the kinky and debach of the princess or will keep their eyes and ears close when they witness her amoral behavior and sexual endeavors in the embassy!

Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum has become that one personality from the deserted lands of United Arab Emirates who definitely makes his followers around the world go wow with fascinating Instagram posts. The Crown Prince of Dubai even has fan pages and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that he is also considered to be one of the most eligible princes around the seven continents.

However, today we are going to dive deep down into the reality behind the amazing Instagram clicks and know Sheikh Hamdan’s achievements, personality, preferences and finally whether he has the potential to be the future leader of Dubai or not.


For a brief introduction, who still haven’t, unfortunately, followed Fazza (@faz3), Sheikh Hamdan is the fourth son of the current Emir of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. He replaced his elder brother Rashid as the Crown Prince of Dubai in 2008 after his death to cardiac arrest at the age of 33 and ever since then Sheikh Hamdan has just been making waves.

His Highness is a graduate of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, which makes him stand right in the ranks of Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid, Prince William and Prince Harry in terms of education. In fact, he even holds a degree from the London School of Economics which he completed only to land up at the designation of Chairman of Dubai’s Executive Council on September 2006. Sheikh Hamdan overviews Dubai Sports Council participates in the Dubai Autism Centre and even works as a head at Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Establishment for young entrepreneurs.

Why His Life Seems So Fancy?

You may think that he has an 8.6 million following on Instagram, 4 million on Twitter for that matter and the world on his feet majorly because he is the son of great Sheikh Rashid but that certainly is not the case. Just like any adult with passion for life, he is an avid sportsman with a flair for poetry, loves traveling and considers charity as his utmost responsibility. And most important of them all, he is a family person!

Sheikh Hamdan Fancy Life

Let’s explore his accolades in the relevant fields turnwise.


Being a skilled sportsman, Sheikh Hamdan loves skydiving, deep sea diving, car racing, camel jockeying, and cycling. But his most notable participations have always been in many horseback riding competitions which also won him gold medals at the 2012 and 2014 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games. By chance, the fondness for horse riding runs in the blood as Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid himself never shies away from betting on his horses and even owns Godolphin Racing Stable.

Sports of Sheikh Hamdan

His Adventures:

Sheikh Hamdan is a genuine thrill seeker which is the reason why he famously climbed to the tip of the Burj Khalifa back in 2013, just to wave the UAE flag and pose for a selfie. More often than not, you also see him trekking across glaciers, experiencing different cultures all around the world and then photograph his experiences brilliantly as he enjoys taking pictures as a hobby.

Hamdan has even set up Hamdan International Photography Award, only to nurture artistic talent and encourage the appreciation of art and culture.

Sheikh Hamdan Advantures


His Instagram username is actually inspired by the name of the pen Fazza, which he borrowed from the legendary Arabian knight to do poetry in Arabic as an ode to people who are closer to his heart (mother, father and siblings). His poems are personal and philosophical.

Poetry of sheikh Hamdan

His Political Views:

The best thing about Sheikh Hamdan is that he understands his responsibility as a prince just like his father Sheikh Rashid, Through his little contributions so far, he has only been moving the departments and institutions under him in the right direction.

Political Views of sheikh Hamdan

He aims to live for the people, which he also indirectly stated In an interview with Bloomberg Television in 2010, while talking about the expansion of his role.

Communication between us and between people is the most important thing because there’s a big gap these days between people and rulers [in other countries],”

While he clearly shows the necessary leadership characteristics flavored with the qualities of modesty, simplicity, and generosity, he promises to carry forward the principles that Sandhurst has taught him when the time comes for him to rule. To elaborate, he explained in an interview to Dubai Magazine back in 2012 that

What you learn in prominent military academies like Sandhurst revolves around the values of discipline, responsibility, and commitment. These values are practically essential to carry out your responsibilities competently.

So, the next time when you see Sheikh Hamdan driving his car down the streets of Dubai, eating in restaurants or chatting with people, meet him up because he might just be the prince you need!