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They say nature can’t be changed. Princess Hay gave the practical manifestation of this notion. But there is a thin line between being too positive and being totally negative. She had been going out of context to foster her ambitious nature and today the world hears that Princess Haya has fled. What caused her to flee. Safety concerns? Harassment? Concerns of Kids? As Princess Haya claims. Or it was her own ambition of self-centeredness that compelled her to go against the flow? Heres a look into princess Haya’s early life.

Born in May 1974, she was daughtered by King Hussain and Queen Alia of Jordan. No matter a child is born in a royal, rich or in a poor family, motherly growth is vital to groom and foster the personality of a kid. It always has been. Not all are able to experience the motherly love. Princess Haya has somewhat the same tale to tell. Her mother died in a plane crash when Princess Haya was only three years old. She never was going to experience the growth that a child can bear under the jurisdictions of motherly love. She got a lot of love, attention, and affection but the deficiencies in her personality being a motherless wild child remained standstill.

Princes Haya acquired her studies from the UK where she participated in elite badminton. She studied politics and philosophy from Oxford. She had a diverse educational exposure as well as exposure to the UK’s elite lifestyle. Apart from education, she was more inclined in the western lifestyle. Being a Jordanian Princess, things were expected of them. Fate was smiling on her. She was just climbing the ladder of growth and grooming in foreign lands.

Parents of Princess Haya

Bint Al-Reeh, this was the foal given by King Hussain to her daughter. A foal whose mother had died just like Princess Haya. Princess Haya had an astute inclination in horse riding since her childhood. She had developed quite a taste in this regard. She started participating professionally in show jumping. Equestrian was Haya’s thing. She represented Jordan in the Olympic Games back in 2000 held in Sydney. Politics, philosophy, sports, and exposure of the UK’s elite education and living standards made her a truly independent as well as a wild child with ambitions to do more on her part.

Apart from the foreign exposure, the culture of Jordan played an important part in deducing a path for Haya’s ambitious personality. A self-centered, motherless child having sky-high ambitions, it was all Princess Haya had become. There is one thing about time and fate. They never stop, they always change. The fate of Princess was going to change for good.

Princess Haya Married at 30 to the ruler of Dubai Sheikh Muhammad Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum 55 by then. Speaking of the living style, she was going to experience more of it in UAE being a royal wife of the ruler of Dubai. Though, there is another side of the coin. UAE is a male-dominated country as compared to the culture of Jordan. Kingship and Royalties are core notions in UAE. Being part of this royal society, it was expected of Princess Haya to get over with the circumstance as five other wives had done to happily and obediently with Sheikh Muhammad.

Princess Haya Wedding

Despite moral jurisdictions of UAE pertaining to women, Princess Haya developed her presence in diplomatic elites and top managerial aspects. She was actively participating in the interior as well as exterior exposures pertinent to UAE on behalf of Sheikh’s credentials. She managed to acquire quite an influence in diplomatic, internal, foreign paradigms. If observed keenly, it was the ambitious nature of the Motherless Princess that is forcing her to go out of the box as she was doing since her childhood in Jordan in the UK and in her life.

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