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Among one of the cities in the world that welcomes every nationality with open arms is undoubtedly Dubai. It is truly a cultural melting pot with over 200 nationalities living together in total harmony, accord, and coherence. The rich culture of Dubai is rooted deeply in Islam and comprises of Islamic architecture, attractions, and souks that provide you with an insight into the traditionally rich region.

Dubai is often labeled as a shopping paradise with a pulsating nightlife by the ignorant which is not at all true! Religion plays a vital role in the culture of the city. You will find a mosque nearly in every street of the city where the faithful congregate to pray 5 times a day! One of the most beautiful, stunning and spectacular mosques in the city is the Jumeirah Mosque. Which is a living breathing example of modern Islamic architecture?

As soon as you step on the land of gold, you are bound to be engulfed by warm hospitality, civility, and friendliness of the locals. You will find yourself mingling with customarily and traditionally dressed Gulf Arabs in their dishdashas and spectacular abayas. They greet you with the heartfelt and warmest Marhaba and go out of their way to ensure that you get the best treatment while in the city.  The sweet aroma of Arabian shisha, the sophisticated intricate writing, the beautiful sound of Arabic chatter in coffee shops is an everyday part of Dubai tradition and ethos.  Moreover, there are many places with culture in Dubai that will spellbound you and soak you in its opulent philosophy, beliefs, and values.

Here is a list of places rich in culture that leave you to spell bounded and mesmerized!

Saruq Al Hadid Museum

If you want to know the intriguing story of one of the most thrilling and exhilarating archaeological sites yet discovered in the Emirates, then Saruq Al Hadid Museum is the place to go. Located in the Shindagha Heritage District of Dubai, the museum uses state of the art machinery to explore Saruq Al Hadid “The Way of Iron” a remote desert site that was a center for metalworking three thousand years ago. It is on public display in the museum thus offering a captivating insight into the accomplishment of the hardworking people who worked at this Iron Age factory.

saruq al hadid

Dubai Opera

Located in downtown Dubai, Dubai Opera is Dubai’s radiant cultural and arts center and The Opera District’s shiny pearl. Dubai Opera is a definite global destination for performing arts and world-class entertainment productions with its distinctive 2000-seat multi-format theater.

dubai opera


Dubai Opera is dedicated to producing and hosting Dubai and the world’s best, genuine, creative and engaging performing arts experiences. Dubai Opera’s iconic dhow-shaped architecture is a modern design masterpiece and a stylish homage to Dubai’s heritage of trading, fishing, and pearl diving.

Al Fahidi Souk

If you want to experience the flavor of Old Dubai, then Al Fahidi Souk is the place for you. From the artwork of local designers to antiques to popular labels, you’ll find everything there. Furthermore, you can pick up accessories without the haggling and hounds of people. The best thing is that you can even bargain there to your heart’s content which you may not be able to do anywhere else.


Al Fahidi Sauk

Abra Creek Crossing

It has been the lifeblood of the city for generations and to date entice many tourists and visitors. Just for AED 1, this creek separates Burj Dubai from Deira Dubai. It provides you with a unique chance to witness the spectacle of old and new Dubai.

Dubai Museum

One of the attractions that top the list of stuff to see in Dubai is the National Museum of Dubai or Dubai Museum as it is frequently referred to. The first thing that goes into your mind when you think of Dubai is its amazing buildings and skylines, along with unparalleled shopping and entertainment amenities. But a journey to the significant historic monument of the city. You will be spellbound by the Dubai Museum as you understand how Dubai has come a long way from a normal fishing village to mark its presence on the world map as an internationally known destination for trade and tourism.

Sheikh Mohammed Centre For Cultural Understanding

If you want to experience the real flavor of Dubai and understand its culture, then visiting Sheikh Muhammed Centre is a must. You can not only take part in all sorts of activities besides relishing Emirati meals but also learn the beautiful Arabic language and adorn your hands with beautiful henna.

Spice Souk

Before you see the tight alleys lined with vibrant sacks of goodies, Dubai’s spice souk scents will hit you. This multi-sensory market is an introduction to how the colorful culture of Dubai has been affected by Asian expats. Pick up some herbal and spicy fragrant bags and don’t forget to barter!

Desert Safari

For a true taste of Dubai’s culture, a desert safari is a fantastic option, combining a Jeep-trek through the emirate’s spectacular landscape with a dazzling selection of activities including traditional belly dancing, henna painting, trying a shisha pipe, and enjoying a barbecue under the stars.

Alserkal Avenue

Dubai’s arts district Al Quoz has come a long way from its inception as a neglected warehouse district to one of the hottest developing creative hubs in the Middle East. The mishmash of painters, warehouse employees, creatives, and gym junkies in the district provides one of the truly authentic experiences of Dubai. Alserkal Avenue, its main hub, provides edgy art events, endless pop-up ideas, cutting-edge gallery and now a mini theatre.


Alserkal Avenue


As one of the most important enclaves in Dubai, Alserkal Art District has appeared. What began as a tiny block of warehouse rooms with 20 art galleries has been transformed into an urban center of 500,000 square feet fusing art, food, fashion and music with an extensive program of cultural activities such as Art Dubai and Art Nights.

Wrap Up

Witness Dubai’s culture, tradition, and history by visiting these places and get mesmerized and spell bounded!

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