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On 2nd October, the world again was shackled by the news of Princess Latifa being murdered by Palace Maids in February and her body discreetly buried in the confines of the palace. The key advisors of Sheikh Rashid Bin Maktoum advised him not to make the news public as it would lead to an international investigation and would tarnish the image of the land of gold. But still, the burning question in everyone’s mind right now is where is Princess Latifa? Is she alive or really dead as the reports claim? Or is it just another propaganda to malign the image of the King just before the hearing of the world’s costliest and most anticipated court hearing over the welfare of their two children Jalila & Sheikh Zayed.

According to Tiina Jauhiainen, the last words of Princess Latifa, the daughter of Dubai’s King were that she preferred to be shot rather than go back home.  Tiina Jauhiainen fled with Princess Latifa on March 2018, but were caught by armed Emirati officers and were returned back to the four walls of the palace. It was the last since Princess Latifa was seen in the public. But the real question arises is Princess Latifa really dead or has become a pawn in the game of lust, power, and custody of royalty?

Insiders also believe that Tiina, along with her group of swindling, cheat & conning gang received logistics and immense support from Princess Haya to smear, sully & defile the image of Dubai’s King. But if Tiina Jauhiainen had proofs or for that matter, if Princess Haya knew about the current situation or whereabouts of Princess Latifa, then why didn’t she unravel it in front of the world. Exposing King as the murderer would have served her motives & purpose perfectly.

Later, the same Tiina Jauhiainen parroted what Mary Robinson said in 2018 minus the pictures of her with the princess in question that she strongly believes that Latifa is alive but can’t say for sure whether she is safe or not? The exact words spoken by her were “I think she is in a very bad place at the moment, somewhere locked up.”

One of the analysts from Jerusalem questioned Tiina Jauhiainen’s claim that how can she so boldly and confidently state that Latifa is alive but in a pathetic condition when one news portal has already declared her to be dead. He even stated further that it clearly indicates that Tiina Jauhiainen is stating this either under extreme pressure, obligation or liability. Either she is threatened by Dubai’s King to keep her mouth shut or she has links inside the palace which are giving her the information.

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Moreover, in one program on BBC, one more accomplice of Tiina Jauhiainen, Marcus Essabri, who claims to be the cousin of Sheikh Latifa, which later turned out to be fake, told BBC”s Victoria Derbyshire that he isn’t sure how his cousin is being treated right now. He furthermore stated, that they have been trying to reach out, but nobody is responding to their calls.

One also gauges and contemplates how much truth is there in Tiina Jauhiainen’s declaration. As according to the captain of the Yacht, Herve Jaubert, stated that Tiina was not touched by the UAE Indian forces when they forcefully abducted Latifa.  This statement made by the Captain makes one ponder as to why is Tiina Jauhiainen sensationalizing this news? What is her real motive behind it? Is she a secret agent of Princess Haya to besmirch the image of King or is she cashing on the current scenario to gain fame? But the real question still lingers in everyone’s mind. Is Princess Latifa dead or alive? Will the outcome of the case disclose the truth?

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