princess haya with king Abdullah

Moving on from the rejection on her asylum petition in the United Kingdom, Princess Haya Bint Al Hussain has now chosen to seek help from Jordanian King Abdullah who has recently issued the order of appointing his half-sister Princess Haya as the Deputy Chief of Mission at the Jordanian Embassy in Britain on September 2nd, 2019.

The news was officially confirmed by UK-based pro-Hamas Al Quds newspaper that also released the official response of Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi who in his blunt words said that “such an appointment can potentially harm Jordan’s relationship with the British Empire”. However, that being said, Princess Haya and her brother Prince Ali are continuously striving to get the decision backed by major stakeholders from the Arab world, just to put more pressure on the decision-makers in London.

The case of their divorce is taking extreme turns as Sheikh Muhammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum isn’t interested to attend the court sessions in London and in fact, has already given threats of withdrawing his billions of dollars of investment from the United Kingdom in case the government doesn’t decide to deport Princess Haya back to Dubai. While in response the authorities in Britain have apologized and informed Sheikh Rashid about how they have no control over violating the order, the fierce judicial battle is now also joined by Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein who is involving Palestinian Arabs, Hamas and even Qatar to back Princess Haya in the multi-billion dollar separation case.

The move of such an appointment came out in response to the fact that now since her asylum petition has been rejected, therefore Princess Haya’s eligibility for enjoying immunity and protection under the Geneva Convention as a diplomat would also need an endorsement from London. As the final call of the decision would obviously be made by the host country, she can also be moved to the Jordanian embassy in Qatar, knowing that the country has also expressed great willingness, if she gets rejected by the Britians again.


Royal Court of London


The High Court of London, for now, has granted instructing protection for Princess Haya and her two children, while ordering the British law enforcing and security agencies specifically to make sure that there is fool-proof security at the residence of the controversial princess all the time, including full-time bodyguards. The telephone of Princess has also been intercepted as a part of security measure and she has also been requested to not meet her boyfriend Russell Flowers or any of the men along at her residence until there isn’t any clear verdict on the matter.

Moreover, according to Princess Haya’s own uncle who is leading her legal battle with Sheikh Muhammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the case doesn’t seem to have any end in the near future as the Princess has already lost the right to claim compensations from His Highness Sheikh Rashid because of how she had extra marital affairs and even stole millions of dollars from the Emir of Dubai.

As a lot of insider reports are also making it pretty evident that Princess Haya is in plans of marrying her longtime British boyfriend Russell and settling down in the UK, this is turning out to be in favor of Sheikh Rashid Bin Al Maktoum who has now sent in his best legal team to win the custody of their children. Knowing that handing over the kids to a new stepfather in such a scenario can be unsafe, one can expect that things might have just started to fall apart for Princess Haya.

What’s about to come next? We will keep you updated at every moment!

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