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More than 450 UAE representatives both from the local and federal government attended a two-day meeting held in Abu Dhabi on 26th and 27th of September, 2019.
The stakeholders of the meeting accompanied by many others including none other than Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid, The Vice President, Prime Minister and The Ruler of Dubai and His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the crown prince of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed forces. The meeting was held to bring into the light “The future of Emirates.”

All The Weapons Are Set To Gear Up The Game

Dubai being a trade hub is already leading the world, providing unlimited platforms to the entrepreneurs and businessmen for their businesses. Whether it’s a startup or an expansion, Dubai is letting them express their creativity to the max.

The stakeholders of the UAE conducted an annual meeting for the betterment of the country. The core purpose of the annual meeting held last week was to lay foundations for the comprehensive national strategy to enrich the prosperity and development of the UAE, covering each of the prospects.

During the meeting, HH Mohammed bin Rashid said, “We have laid foundations for the implementation of policies that support our vision towards achieving the “UAE Centennial 2071” objective and to be at first spot in the world across the sectors.”

Adding to it, HH also mentioned the policies that have already been implemented and are being practiced in UAE for making it the world’s number one place for multi-cultural businesses. All these policies are directed towards achieving the goals set for UAE Centennial 2071’s objective. The ruler of UAE, HH Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid showed his intent to make Emirates the world’s best trading hub, a quality provider of education, also making the country’s economy stronger and covering all the other sectors contributing in the development of the country.

 The UAE government has directed the local authorities and stakeholders to implement and follow the strategies that have been set up and agreed upon by all stakeholders.

According to the discussion among the stakeholders of UAE, the coming year holds a major value in making the country what they aim it to be. In perspective of all this, major changes have already been observed in the economy and business cultures of the country. A number of new projects have been set up that will produce successful stories to be written in the books about the development of the UAE.

From infrastructure to health, environment, education, research, media, smart devices, techs, and everything in between, a devastating change is to be expected in the coming years. Though it is easy to pen down a number of projects or speak about them, yet it is difficult when it comes to practicality. All the stakeholders of the UAE are well prepared to accept the challenges that will be coming on the road to development.

sheikh Zaid and Sheikh Rashid

Well, Dubai has been surprising the world with its unique infrastructures and business strategies along time; the stakeholders are aiming high to open new doors for many.

A Recent Initiative Taken By The Authorities

In making UAE a global player, Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid has launched a “Virtual Company License,” that will invite the business investors worldwide. This initiative is taken to accomplish the aim of making Dubai a “Virtual Commercial City.”

Despite the tension he is entangled with, HH Mohammad Bin Rashid’s visions are very clear when it comes to the progress of the Emirates. The purpose of launching this program is to enrich the business culture in Dubai, making it a hub for investors ranging from small to corporates.

It’s been a week till now but a long way ahead to accomplish the goals set by the authorities of the Emirates. No one knows what the UAE has in store for the world after a decade.

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