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Princess Haya – a name that has lately been so much in the news that eventually millions of people have started to doubt the character of one of the best rulers in the Arab World, Sheikh Muhammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. While getting to know about her as Sheikh’s wife can be new for you (considering the ruler of Dubai has 6 wives) yet this limelight is just a norm for Princess Haya.

Being the half-sister of the current Jordanian King, Princess Haya has been the true companion of Sheikh in most of his public appearances. In fact, in all the years of their marriage, Princess Haya has been the only wife among the six who were seen hand in hand with Sheikh Rashid at most of the regional and international functions. On a lot of occasions, she was also seen receiving dignitaries and delivering speeches on the king’s behalf as well.

Now if you imagine this all from the perspective of Dubai’s rural family, her every move was way past the usual role of a wife in Sheikh Rashid’s kingdom. Although the marriage was not based on love and the two met for the first time due to their undying love for horses, still it was considered to be the most special marriage of Sheikh. As the two embarked together on a journey to make a dream destination, the two refused to disclose how the two suddenly became soul mates.

Well, while nothing has changed for Princess Haya to date it is his Highness Sheikh Muhammad Rashid Bin Al Maktoum that seems to be falling into more trouble as the matter of their divorce case will now be heard in the British court. Haya, on the other hand, is currently living at her £85 million mansion near Kensington Palace in West London.

princess haya living in menssion

The Princess first fled Dubai stating that she and her kids were living a caged life in the name of her marriage with Sheikh Rashid while backing her stance with Princess Latifa’s incident of running from Dubai twice. The reality, however, seemed totally opposite where Princess Haya was given all the liberty one could ever ask for in married life; from her dressing to her social affairs, gathering and even sheikh’s ever-growing love for her after seeing her managing the fine line between professional and family life.

Till date in London High Court, Princess Haya has filed three restriction orders and it is causing a lot of disturbance in the diplomatic relationship between the British and the Arab empire.

  • Forced marriage protection order (FMPO) – This leads to an injunction against His Highness Sheikh Muhammad Rashid Bin Al Maktoum in which he won’t be allowed to enforce his decision of getting their kids married by his choice.
  • Non-molestation order – This was filed by Princess Haya in order to protect herself from any kind of violence from Sheikh Rashid’s side.
  • Warding – Similar to the first one, the two children of Sheikh Rashid and Princess Haya will have the independence to make the important decisions of their lives on their own and Sheikh would be refrained from developing any kind of influence on them.

If we look at the case closely, then these restriction orders are being filed to make sure that Sheikh Muhammad Rashid Bin Al Maktoum gets caught up in more panic. So, if they become successful, one can expect Princess Haya and her legal team – including divorce specialist lawyer Fiona Shackleton, who handled Prince Charles’ split with Princess Diana, to be inching closer to the £4.5billion fortune that will then be named under Princess Haya or the two children which are under her custody at the moment.

Princess Haya has no plans of going back to Dubai ever whereas His Highness Sheikh Rashid Bin Al Maktoum has not appeared in the already two hearings of the case.

Every step is going to be crucial as this can also go down to be one of the highest worth divorces in the history of the British Court and even the world itself.

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