princess haya with sheikh rashid

Did Princess Haya actually surpass her late father King Hussein of Jordan in the game of lust & power by fleeing from Dubai with her two children and truckloads of king’s money? The whole world came to stand still when they heard about high profile romance among Princess Haya and her bodyguard Russell Flowers.

She just proved the old saying true “once a heart breaker, always a heart breaker.” Only this time, it was her husband’s heart.  This Jordanian Princess has broken the hearts of many gullible men over the years. Was no one able to satisfy her sexual appetite? What does Princess Haya really want from her soul mate? Love, sexual satisfaction, fame, money or all of the mentioned attributes? But didn’t the King have it all? He even made her the mother of his children.

The world still remembers how on January 12, 2019, Princess Haya, put up a post on Facebook, portraying a picture of a book on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum stating that she is proud of her husband. One wonders, what exactly went wrong within 6 months that someone who she was proud of suddenly became the evil person in her life and she wants a divorce from him? Or did Russell Flower weave magic on her and made her blind to the King’s love and affection. This is not the first time that Princess Haya is dating someone. She was a professional dater, heart breaker and believer of adulterous relationship since the time she hit puberty!

Apart from sleeping with her class fellows, having many friends with benefits, Princess Haya also romanced a Spanish horse trainer for years. But, as usual, she got bored and soon started looking for her next lover to achieve the sexual satisfaction that the horse trainer could no longer provide her.

According to a reliable source, when Princess Haya was young, she was in a serious relationship with a Syrian engineer, colonel, and politician named Bassel al Assad, eldest son of President of Syria Hafez al-Assad. The twist in the story is that Bassel, with whom Haya was in a romantic relationship was in an illicit relationship with a Lebanese woman named Siham Asseily according to United States diplomatic cables. Did the betrayal of Bassel Al Assad turn Haya into a heart breaker? Later on, 21 January 1994, while the former was driving his Mercedes at a high speed collided with a motorway roundabout, and thus not wearing a seat belt, died on the spot. Did history repeat itself here just like Diana, Princess of Whales and Dodi Fayad, who on 31 August 1997, died in a traffic collision on the spot?


princess haya with sheikh Rashid


Later, it was learned that Sunni King Hussein came to know about his daughter’s relationship with the Shai Bassel al –Assad, and just couldn’t endorse the romance between the two, was behind the mysterious car accident. Now the question arises, is Princess Haya following her late father’s footsteps, and that is why joining hands with King’s enemies to destroy him for once and for all?

The flings or romantic relationships of Princess Haya, out of wedlock does not end here. In the nineties, according to reports, Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein started dating famous Jordanian football player Milad Abbasi and got knocked up! To date, no one knows what happened to the baby and its father. Did the baby actually come into this world or was aborted in early pregnancy? Also, no one has seen Milad Abbasi in Jordon or any other part of the world. What happened to him? Or did he simply vanish into thin air?

Currently, Princess Haya is residing in the palatial, luxurious & extravagant green palace near Kensington Palace in London with King’s two children. While King Abdullah, Ali Bin Hussein along the Jordanian embassy in London are using their connections to mobilize the media and hire few individuals to launch full-fledged propaganda offensives against Dubai King and the members of the royal family.

Sources also state that Prince Ali, a drug addict, who has deep and meaningful relationship with mega-terror outfit Hamas has reached out to his Hamas “brethren” to stage terrorist attacks in London in case the United Kingdom rejects Princess Haya ‘s asylum petition and decides  to send her back to her estranged husband  Sheikh Rashid bin Maktoum in Dubai.

Does one wonder what more dirty tricks this royal Jordanian family has up their sleeves? But most important of all; what exactly has Dubai’s ruler done to deserve this?

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