Forced Marriage Protection

Life can take a twist in a moment, and it sure did for “the perfect couple.” Both joined in matrimony back in 2004, and had common interests, primarily in horse riding. Princess Haya was fond of her husband’s Godolphin Horse racing stables, and the couple visited horse race competitions regularly together. Being from the royal blood, Princes accompanied Sheikh Muhammad to his tours. Things started to turn suspicious when she was seen absent from the Royal Ascot this year, although she was regular at the races.

In the recent events, the controversial case of Princess Haya and her separated husband Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid al-Maktoum has taken another twist with the princess now seeking a forced marriage protection order from the English High Court for the protection of her children. The princess recently got separated from her husband and is currently residing in Kensington, West London in an £85 million mansion. The children who came along are also living with the princess in the estate.

It was recently discovered that Princess Haya left because she found out the story about Latifa that her estranged husband told her was just a hoax, and the real reason was something else, rather a failed escape attempt from Dubai. Whatever compelled Sheikh Muhammad to lie to his wife, was reason enough to terrify the princess who then not only wanted security for herself but for her children as well.


princess haya with children


Princess Haya has been continuously appearing in the court for the hearings whereas there haven’t been any official proceedings from Sheikh Muhammad’s side, who recently took to twitter with his poetry, pointing fingers at his wife. What’s more intriguing is the connection of Princess Haya with UK’s royal family. Princess Haya is friends with Prince Charles and Camilla-the Duchess of Cornwall. What’s more interesting is that Princess Haya has hired, Fiona Shackleton, to represent her in the case. The lawyer previously represented Prince Charles in his case for divorce with Princess Diana.

Whatsoever the approach being taken by the Princess, there hasn’t been a move from Sheikh Muhammad’s side, and no official statements or claims have been passed. However, with the recent coverage by the media, and the actions of Princess Haya, applying for non-molestation order, the couple issued a statement, which stated that the proceedings of the hearings and the overall case are coordinated with the “welfare of the two children of their marriage and do not concern divorce or finance.”

While residing in London, Princess Haya also applied for a non-molestation order, confirmed from the sources. However, whom the order applies to is still not known, since the order is used in order to protect someone that has been subject to domestic violence. The application for the non-molestation order has stirred up quite an upheaval since it would coincide with the claims of Princes Latifa. She was one of the daughters of Sheikh Muhammad that fled earlier in 2018 but was captured and returned. She claimed to have been a victim of domestic violence when she took the internet to narrate how the life behind royal bars is.

With no hearing or appearance from Sheikh Muhammad himself, the media is sure interested in the hearing for the guardianship of the two children that have been scheduled on November 11th this year. Conclusively, any move from the Sheikh’s side is the most anticipated since Princess Haya has already played. What we can expect is an honourable proceeding that would not affect the lives of the children caught in the midst of adult matters.

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