Affair of Princess Haya

When love betrays, it hits hard even if you are the current Emir of Dubai or have the world right on to your feet, but not that one person you love.

The story of His Highness Sheikh Muhammad Rashid Bin Al Maktoum’s sixth marriage cannot be explained better than told above. Out of all the wives, Princess Haya was his most dear one and yet she chose to be the only wife, who is currently fighting a million-dollar divorce battle with Sheikh Rashid in the high court of London. In fact, there is a lot more to it as the matter of the custody of their children is under consideration and more recently Princess Haya also applied for asylum in the UK.

Now as you might be thinking what led to the split between the two – especially after seeing how Princess Haya used to be Sheikh Rashid’s favorite lady for most of his public appearances, the reason behind the doors is Princess Haya’s extramarital affair with the long-time bodyguard Russell Flower.

According to Daily Mail, Princess Haya till date has been manipulating the truth of her divorce; the reality that is linked to how Sheikh Rashid caught the Princess and the bodyguard red-handed. There have been pictures to go through the claim, hinting at how Russell used to take ‘extra care’ of a princess in the absence of Sheikh Rashid and likewise, Haya also never left a chance to keep the love-bodyguard around her.


princess haya betrayed sheikh's love


For a brief introduction, Russell Flowers served as an infantry soldier in 2nd Battalion The Princess of Wales Royal Regiment from 2003 to 2009. He later went on to work as a Maritime Security Officer in Ocean Protection Services Limited and finally was hired by Sheikh Rashid to protect his Dalham Hall Stud in Newmarket.

However, Russell’s closeness with Princess Haya began soon after he was appointed as Close Protection Officer for Princess’ public appearances. Eventually, he was also treated well by family members of Sheikh Rashid. The bonding grew so strong that Princess also used to shower the dear bodyguard with expensive gifts, which on one occasion also caught His Highness Sheikh Rashid Bin Al Maktoum’s attention too when he saw Princess Haya giving a rifle worth £50,000 to Russell.

One thing after the other and the news of Princess Haya being in love with her bodyguard was all around among the high ranked officials of Dubai who were also close to Sheikh Rashid. The family members even told that the Princess was always adamant about taking Russell everywhere she used to go, while the rest of Russell’s team of bodyguards supported him by providing extra protection when he used to be alone with Princess Haya.

In the end, as everyone was reporting to Sheikh Rashid, he finally saw what he could least expect; the duo was enjoying their intimate moment when he paid a surprise visit to the Dalham Hall, right where Russell was appointed as a guard with the duty to protect the place.

Although Russell was removed from the job last year after the incident but Sheikh Rashid still had doubts on his wife being in contact with Russell and now as she is occasionally seen with him, especially the way Russell is the only person she can meet inside her living place near Hyde Park according to court’s order, it is now pretty much obvious that there was always something fishy in between the two.

A report by Blitz also claims that Princess Haya is in all plans of marrying Russell right after the divorce and that is what Sheikh Rashid is opposing for as he believes that their children would best stay in Dubai.

When Russell was approached by media to answer whether he has been the reason of divorce, he ignored to respond back with anything. Sheikh Rashid, on the other hand too, has been refraining from answering anything related to the divorce he has only expressed his grief in the form of a poem.

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