Among one of the cities in the world that welcomes every nationality with open arms is undoubtedly Dubai. It is truly a cultural melting pot with over 200 nationalities living together in total harmony, accord, and coherence. The rich culture of Dubai is rooted deeply in Islam and comprises of Islamic architecture, attractions, and souks that provide you with an insight into the traditionally rich region.

Dubai is often labeled as a shopping paradise with a pulsating nightlife by the ignorant which is not at all true! Religion plays a vital role in the culture of the city. You will find a mosque nearly in every street of the city where the faithful congregate to pray 5 times a day! One of the most beautiful, stunning and spectacular mosques in the city is the Jumeirah Mosque. Which is a living breathing example of modern Islamic architecture?

As soon as you step on the land of gold, you are bound to be engulfed by warm hospitality, civility, and friendliness of the locals. You will find yourself mingling with customarily and traditionally dressed Gulf Arabs in their dishdashas and spectacular abayas. They greet you with the heartfelt and warmest Marhaba and go out of their way to ensure that you get the best treatment while in the city.  The sweet aroma of Arabian shisha, the sophisticated intricate writing, the beautiful sound of Arabic chatter in coffee shops is an everyday part of Dubai tradition and ethos.  Moreover, there are many places with culture in Dubai that will spellbound you and soak you in its opulent philosophy, beliefs, and values.

Here is a list of places rich in culture that leave you to spell bounded and mesmerized!

Saruq Al Hadid Museum

If you want to know the intriguing story of one of the most thrilling and exhilarating archaeological sites yet discovered in the Emirates, then Saruq Al Hadid Museum is the place to go. Located in the Shindagha Heritage District of Dubai, the museum uses state of the art machinery to explore Saruq Al Hadid “The Way of Iron” a remote desert site that was a center for metalworking three thousand years ago. It is on public display in the museum thus offering a captivating insight into the accomplishment of the hardworking people who worked at this Iron Age factory.

saruq al hadid

Dubai Opera

Located in downtown Dubai, Dubai Opera is Dubai’s radiant cultural and arts center and The Opera District’s shiny pearl. Dubai Opera is a definite global destination for performing arts and world-class entertainment productions with its distinctive 2000-seat multi-format theater.

dubai opera


Dubai Opera is dedicated to producing and hosting Dubai and the world’s best, genuine, creative and engaging performing arts experiences. Dubai Opera’s iconic dhow-shaped architecture is a modern design masterpiece and a stylish homage to Dubai’s heritage of trading, fishing, and pearl diving.

Al Fahidi Souk

If you want to experience the flavor of Old Dubai, then Al Fahidi Souk is the place for you. From the artwork of local designers to antiques to popular labels, you’ll find everything there. Furthermore, you can pick up accessories without the haggling and hounds of people. The best thing is that you can even bargain there to your heart’s content which you may not be able to do anywhere else.


Al Fahidi Sauk

Abra Creek Crossing

It has been the lifeblood of the city for generations and to date entice many tourists and visitors. Just for AED 1, this creek separates Burj Dubai from Deira Dubai. It provides you with a unique chance to witness the spectacle of old and new Dubai.

Dubai Museum

One of the attractions that top the list of stuff to see in Dubai is the National Museum of Dubai or Dubai Museum as it is frequently referred to. The first thing that goes into your mind when you think of Dubai is its amazing buildings and skylines, along with unparalleled shopping and entertainment amenities. But a journey to the significant historic monument of the city. You will be spellbound by the Dubai Museum as you understand how Dubai has come a long way from a normal fishing village to mark its presence on the world map as an internationally known destination for trade and tourism.

Sheikh Mohammed Centre For Cultural Understanding

If you want to experience the real flavor of Dubai and understand its culture, then visiting Sheikh Muhammed Centre is a must. You can not only take part in all sorts of activities besides relishing Emirati meals but also learn the beautiful Arabic language and adorn your hands with beautiful henna.

Spice Souk

Before you see the tight alleys lined with vibrant sacks of goodies, Dubai’s spice souk scents will hit you. This multi-sensory market is an introduction to how the colorful culture of Dubai has been affected by Asian expats. Pick up some herbal and spicy fragrant bags and don’t forget to barter!

Desert Safari

For a true taste of Dubai’s culture, a desert safari is a fantastic option, combining a Jeep-trek through the emirate’s spectacular landscape with a dazzling selection of activities including traditional belly dancing, henna painting, trying a shisha pipe, and enjoying a barbecue under the stars.

Alserkal Avenue

Dubai’s arts district Al Quoz has come a long way from its inception as a neglected warehouse district to one of the hottest developing creative hubs in the Middle East. The mishmash of painters, warehouse employees, creatives, and gym junkies in the district provides one of the truly authentic experiences of Dubai. Alserkal Avenue, its main hub, provides edgy art events, endless pop-up ideas, cutting-edge gallery and now a mini theatre.


Alserkal Avenue


As one of the most important enclaves in Dubai, Alserkal Art District has appeared. What began as a tiny block of warehouse rooms with 20 art galleries has been transformed into an urban center of 500,000 square feet fusing art, food, fashion and music with an extensive program of cultural activities such as Art Dubai and Art Nights.

Wrap Up

Witness Dubai’s culture, tradition, and history by visiting these places and get mesmerized and spell bounded!

The wait is finally over! After over a year’s engagement, Sheikha Maryam bint Rashid Al Maktoum has tied the knot with Sheikh Khaled Bin Mohammad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan on the 19th of September 2019. It was one of the much-awaited events of the quarter of the year.

Sheikh Khaled Bin Mohammad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan belongs to the royal family of Abu Dhabi.  He is among the prominent graduates of the British Royal Academy Sandhurst in the UK. He was awarded the Major General Diwan Misri Chand Platoon Award for demonstrating outstanding innovation and purpose during the training course. This tells us that Sheikh Rashid’s daughter is married to a well-deserving and dignified person among the royals.

The news of their marriage spread like wildfire as the members of the royal family congratulated the couple on social media. One of the first to congratulate them was Sheikha Latifa. The other members of the royal family that congratulated the couple included Sheikha Mahra and Mama Noora.

The royal wedding took place in the Dubai World Trade Center. It was a lavish affair and was magnified in royalty with the presence of the Dubai king himself Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum who was seen in a jolly demeanor welcoming all the guests and taking pictures with children. HH Sheikh Hamdan also is known as Faaza, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Dubai Sports Council was also there along with some other UAE dignitaries. The crowd was dominated by the royals from the UAE and the Middle East.

wedding arrangement

From the décor to the food everything was traditional yet sober and mouthwatering. The Dubai royal family does know how to throw a lavish wedding and celebrate their happiness leaving the world in awe at their taste and fancy expenditures.

It’s not every day we see royals getting married but in the near future, we can expect quite some weddings in the royal family as back in 2016 Sheikha Latifa had announced her engagement to Sheikh Faisal Saud Khalid Al Qasimi who is part of the royal family of Ras Al Khaimah. Since there hasn’t been any news of the engagement breaking we can soon expect another royal wedding on the calendar of the Dubai royal family.

The wedding has served to be a good excuse for the Dubai royals to distract themselves from the upcoming case regarding the forced marriage protection of the children of The Sheikh and Princess Haya. The whole UAE is anxious to know what is to become of the case but the Sheikh showed no concerns regarding the case over the wedding instead he seemed one happy father celebrating the big day of his daughter.

With almost a year left and excitement reaching the sky, events like Dubai Expo 2020 indeed come once in a long while. So, now while the world is going to witness the amazing future with the help of this blockbuster event, we thought about giving you an early glimpse of what’s coming in between 20th October 2020 and 10th April 2021 to the deserted lands of UAE.

What Is Dubai Expo 2020?

As a lot of you might have read it on their website (if not, it’s still alright), the main theme for Expo 2020 Dubai is ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’, with sub-themes linked to ‘Opportunity’, ‘Mobility’ and ‘Sustainability’. The organizers aim to showcase innovation that will blow your mind unlike any other Expo held before, encourage collaboration and celebrate human ingenuity.

The best innovators from all around the world, have already been invited to take humanity forward into the future of education, employment, financial models, transport, travel, and exploration, improving mobility for disabled people and disconnected communities, logistics, protecting natural ecosystems and promoting biodiversity, climate change, resource management, sustainable cities and other challenges that the world is currently struggling with.

While the list might be too much to grab all at once, there is one thing for sure that since Dubai Expo 2020 will host the best of the best, you can expect some amazing surprises in every category.

Sheikh Rashid And His Team Has Been Preparing For Expo 2020 Since the Last 5 Years:

Dubai’s bid to host Expo 2020 was declared successful on 27th November 2013 by The Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) general assembly in Paris. It has indeed been a dream come true for HH Sheikh Zayed and Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, who personally has also made the claims to “astonish the world in 2020”.

When the deal was sealed, Dubai celebrated the enormous achievement with a grand firework display at Burj Khalifa and if you have missed that, then pack your bags for the real fun because according to early estimates The World Expo is expected to have participants from over 190 countries and host 25 million visitors, with 70% coming for this one gem of an event from outside the UAE.

The History of World Expos:

The history of World Expo goes back to 1851 when it was first held at London’s Crystal Palace with the name of “The Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations”. Through the event, the world got to see 100,000 innovative products that later contributed to the industrial revolution and the World Expo became unstoppable.

Some of the most amazing innovations that emerge through Expos include the telegraph in London in 1851, the typewriter in Philadelphia in 1876, the diesel engine in Paris in 1900, the color TV in New York in 1964, IMAX film in Osaka in 1970, and wireless trams in Yeosu in 2012.

The latest expo was held in Milan, Italy, under the theme of “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” in 2015 and the highlights of the show were solar trees and energy-saving elevators – which by chance UAE is also considering for their high-rise buildings.

expo 2020

How Expo 2020 Will Make Dubai Grow Further? 

The world knows UAE mostly for tourism and hospitality for now, but with The World Expo 2020, the major stakeholders involved in the event and rulers want to show a side of Dubai that will attract investors to invest in different sectors and industries such as construction, finance, sustainability, and many more all around the country.

That being said, the local businesses will have a golden chance to connect with prospects and eventually become successful in their strategic approach of building connections, closing deals and make a name for themselves on the global map.

Besides that, this is the first time that the site of any World Expo will remain useful after the event. By that we mean after the 6-month expo, the officials are also planning to transform the site into District 2020 – with offices, residential spaces, cultural attractions, leisure amenities and parks featured as a part of it.

“We are building a city in Dubai South that is here to stay and will bolster the many other plans for growth that our leaders have for the country,” Marjan Faraidooni, senior vice president of legacy development and impact at Expo 2020 Dubai.

The government has already been working on new roads, rail links, and even expanding the airport capacity to accommodate more people. The logistic framework of the United Arab Emirates is becoming more efficient and grand just for the sake of competing with other international business centers.

From a financial point of view, the consultancy firm EY has predicted that the event will provide an AED122.6bn ($33.4bn) boost to the local economy, along with the emergence of 49,700 full-time jobs a year. This all will occur into three blocks: a seven-year build-up to the Expo, the six months when the Expo is being held, and a ten-year legacy period. 

What Will Dubai Expo 20 Look Like?

Al Wasl Plaza will be the heart of Expo 2020 and back in April 2017 the first glimpses of the event were shown with how the location will shape up as per the scale of Expo 2020.

In pictures, we see a dome that also doubles up as a 360-degree screen at night, projecting images. It will be 65 meters tall with a diameter of 150m and will have the capacity to hold 10,000 visitors as per the estimates of Ahmed Al-Khatib, vice president of property at Expo 2020 Dubai. These doms will also be filled with fountains, waterfalls, parks and palm-lined courtyards, while also being partly open to the sky from the top.

The pavilions will be based on participating countries and each of the main themes.

It will host interactive exhibits, like entertainment, lavish meeting spaces, quirky hangouts and much more. You can enjoy authentic dishes from every corner of the world – from street food to haute cuisine in more than 200 food and beverage outlets, along with fantastic art installations from local and global talents across Expo 2020’s canvas.

Looking at every picture one can definitely say that it would be nothing short of a utopian fair that we watch and only imagine with futuristic movies.

The Logo says it all:

There is absolutely no doubt in the fact that the logo of Dubai Expo 2020 is fascinating, but what it denotes creates more value as it has been inspired by a ring found at a 4,000-year-old archaeological site in the desert in the Al Marmum area of Dubai.

Moreover, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid has explained the meaning in the best way on logo unveiling event last year, where he said “it represents our message to the world that our civilization has deep roots. We were and will always be a pot that gathers civilizations and a center for innovation”.

The world still remembers the day when His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President Of the UAE, announced 2019 to be “ The Year Of Tolerance” in the UAE. Portraying the land of opportunities, Palm trees, and mind-blowing Skyscrapers as an embodiment of tolerance and thus promoting philosophy, values and ideology of peace & co-existence in local, regional & international communities.

But in the same year of love, peace & forbearance, the news of most cherished, sixth wife of Sheikh Rashid Bin Maktoum fleeing from Dubai taking her two children took the world by shock, surprise, and utter bewilderment. Princess Haya, the first Goodwill Ambassador of OIE, aiding & running many charity organizations and responsible for donating nearly 1,000 families in Gaza, failed to observe tolerance herself. But what was there to tolerate in the first place? They were happily married couple for the outside world. She was the most cherished & beloved wife of Sheikh Rashid Bin Maktoum. Then what happened that she failed to show endurance, kindness, and tolerance towards her marital life?

Sheikh Rashid Bin Maktoum, like a true gentleman and patient ruler & husband, still showed kindness towards her and never uttered a word in the public about her deceit, fraudulent & adulterous nature. He knew that he was the victim of infidelity, still, he remained silent on the matter, giving her chance time and again to redeem herself and mend her atrocious ways but what happened? She put an abrupt end to a beautiful fairy tale.

Now, appointed as Jordanian Diplomat in the United Kingdom, she has shed all her inhabitation and declared an all-out war against her husband Sheikh Rashid Bin Maktoum & Dubai. One cannot fail to ponder, why the teaching of endurance, patience, and perseverance didn’t affect her one bit. Why she fled from her home and broke her marriage? If she thinks that her husband mistreated Sheikha Latifa, then she should have had a dialogue with him and fought for women’s rights.

princess haya nd sheikh rashid

Turning the Jordanian embassy into a house of anti-Maktoum makes one question her low level of tolerance. One wonders why didn’t her brothers Prince Ali & King Abdullah II take into consideration the effect of making her a Jordanian diplomat?

According to credible sources, the first step the not so tolerant Princess took was to chalk out a detailed plan of exposing “Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.” Princess Haya’s all such steps show how much hatred, antipathy, and malice she is filled with regarding her husband. Sheikh Rashid Bin Maktoum, true to his Vow didn’t wash his dirty linen in the public and chose to express his grief, anguish, and despondency through his poems written for his wife.

Now, all one can do is wait and see whether Princess Haya’s brothers will be able to show the same tolerance towards the kinky and debach of the princess or will keep their eyes and ears close when they witness her amoral behavior and sexual endeavors in the embassy!

On 2nd October, the world again was shackled by the news of Princess Latifa being murdered by Palace Maids in February and her body discreetly buried in the confines of the palace. The key advisors of Sheikh Rashid Bin Maktoum advised him not to make the news public as it would lead to an international investigation and would tarnish the image of the land of gold. But still, the burning question in everyone’s mind right now is where is Princess Latifa? Is she alive or really dead as the reports claim? Or is it just another propaganda to malign the image of the King just before the hearing of the world’s costliest and most anticipated court hearing over the welfare of their two children Jalila & Sheikh Zayed.

According to Tiina Jauhiainen, the last words of Princess Latifa, the daughter of Dubai’s King were that she preferred to be shot rather than go back home.  Tiina Jauhiainen fled with Princess Latifa on March 2018, but were caught by armed Emirati officers and were returned back to the four walls of the palace. It was the last since Princess Latifa was seen in the public. But the real question arises is Princess Latifa really dead or has become a pawn in the game of lust, power, and custody of royalty?

Insiders also believe that Tiina, along with her group of swindling, cheat & conning gang received logistics and immense support from Princess Haya to smear, sully & defile the image of Dubai’s King. But if Tiina Jauhiainen had proofs or for that matter, if Princess Haya knew about the current situation or whereabouts of Princess Latifa, then why didn’t she unravel it in front of the world. Exposing King as the murderer would have served her motives & purpose perfectly.

Later, the same Tiina Jauhiainen parroted what Mary Robinson said in 2018 minus the pictures of her with the princess in question that she strongly believes that Latifa is alive but can’t say for sure whether she is safe or not? The exact words spoken by her were “I think she is in a very bad place at the moment, somewhere locked up.”

One of the analysts from Jerusalem questioned Tiina Jauhiainen’s claim that how can she so boldly and confidently state that Latifa is alive but in a pathetic condition when one news portal has already declared her to be dead. He even stated further that it clearly indicates that Tiina Jauhiainen is stating this either under extreme pressure, obligation or liability. Either she is threatened by Dubai’s King to keep her mouth shut or she has links inside the palace which are giving her the information.

sheikha latifa

Moreover, in one program on BBC, one more accomplice of Tiina Jauhiainen, Marcus Essabri, who claims to be the cousin of Sheikh Latifa, which later turned out to be fake, told BBC”s Victoria Derbyshire that he isn’t sure how his cousin is being treated right now. He furthermore stated, that they have been trying to reach out, but nobody is responding to their calls.

One also gauges and contemplates how much truth is there in Tiina Jauhiainen’s declaration. As according to the captain of the Yacht, Herve Jaubert, stated that Tiina was not touched by the UAE Indian forces when they forcefully abducted Latifa.  This statement made by the Captain makes one ponder as to why is Tiina Jauhiainen sensationalizing this news? What is her real motive behind it? Is she a secret agent of Princess Haya to besmirch the image of King or is she cashing on the current scenario to gain fame? But the real question still lingers in everyone’s mind. Is Princess Latifa dead or alive? Will the outcome of the case disclose the truth?

More than 450 UAE representatives both from the local and federal government attended a two-day meeting held in Abu Dhabi on 26th and 27th of September, 2019.
The stakeholders of the meeting accompanied by many others including none other than Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid, The Vice President, Prime Minister and The Ruler of Dubai and His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the crown prince of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed forces. The meeting was held to bring into the light “The future of Emirates.”

All The Weapons Are Set To Gear Up The Game

Dubai being a trade hub is already leading the world, providing unlimited platforms to the entrepreneurs and businessmen for their businesses. Whether it’s a startup or an expansion, Dubai is letting them express their creativity to the max.

The stakeholders of the UAE conducted an annual meeting for the betterment of the country. The core purpose of the annual meeting held last week was to lay foundations for the comprehensive national strategy to enrich the prosperity and development of the UAE, covering each of the prospects.

During the meeting, HH Mohammed bin Rashid said, “We have laid foundations for the implementation of policies that support our vision towards achieving the “UAE Centennial 2071” objective and to be at first spot in the world across the sectors.”

Adding to it, HH also mentioned the policies that have already been implemented and are being practiced in UAE for making it the world’s number one place for multi-cultural businesses. All these policies are directed towards achieving the goals set for UAE Centennial 2071’s objective. The ruler of UAE, HH Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid showed his intent to make Emirates the world’s best trading hub, a quality provider of education, also making the country’s economy stronger and covering all the other sectors contributing in the development of the country.

 The UAE government has directed the local authorities and stakeholders to implement and follow the strategies that have been set up and agreed upon by all stakeholders.

According to the discussion among the stakeholders of UAE, the coming year holds a major value in making the country what they aim it to be. In perspective of all this, major changes have already been observed in the economy and business cultures of the country. A number of new projects have been set up that will produce successful stories to be written in the books about the development of the UAE.

From infrastructure to health, environment, education, research, media, smart devices, techs, and everything in between, a devastating change is to be expected in the coming years. Though it is easy to pen down a number of projects or speak about them, yet it is difficult when it comes to practicality. All the stakeholders of the UAE are well prepared to accept the challenges that will be coming on the road to development.

sheikh Zaid and Sheikh Rashid

Well, Dubai has been surprising the world with its unique infrastructures and business strategies along time; the stakeholders are aiming high to open new doors for many.

A Recent Initiative Taken By The Authorities

In making UAE a global player, Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid has launched a “Virtual Company License,” that will invite the business investors worldwide. This initiative is taken to accomplish the aim of making Dubai a “Virtual Commercial City.”

Despite the tension he is entangled with, HH Mohammad Bin Rashid’s visions are very clear when it comes to the progress of the Emirates. The purpose of launching this program is to enrich the business culture in Dubai, making it a hub for investors ranging from small to corporates.

It’s been a week till now but a long way ahead to accomplish the goals set by the authorities of the Emirates. No one knows what the UAE has in store for the world after a decade.

While there has never been any doubt on Sheikh Rashid’s affection for his children, he has shown it yet again by giving a grand reception dedicated to the wedding of his daughter, Sheikha Maryam with Sheikh Khaled bin Mohammed bin Hamdan Al Nahyan. It was an evening star-studded with top officials from all around UAE and the glimpses of it will definitely make you wish if you were there too.

One thing is for sure that this time all of the rulers invited to the Dubai royal wedding were in full swing to celebrate like never before.

The confirmation of Sheikha Maryam’s wedding came out on Friday when members of the Dubai royal family openly congratulated the princess through social media. The first to go on the list was her sister Sheikha Latifa ‎‏Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum who straightforwardly wished the newlywed couple a happy life ahead.

The announcement of Sheikha Maryam’s engagement first came out on August 24, 2018 and while a lot of you would be interested to know about the lucky Sheikh Khaled, who has been fortunate enough to have the billionaire Sheikh Rashid and Emir of Dubai’s daughter as his wife, Khaled himself belongs to the royal family of Abu Dhabi, Al Nahyan.

Much like Sheikh Rashid’s own family, he is a graduate of British Royal Academy Sandhurst in the UK and has the Major General Diwan Misri Chand Platoon Award to his name for demonstrating outstanding innovation and purpose during the span of the entire training period.

sheikha marriam 's wedding

The marriage contract was signed about a week ago and the marriage was actually the third in the series of wedding events that comprised of Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Dubai Executive Council, 36, married Sheikha Bint Saeed Bin Thani Al Maktoum in a religious ceremony that took place on May 15. Sheikh Hamdan’s brothers Sheikh Maktoum Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai, 35, married Sheikha Maryam Bint Butti Al Maktoum, and Sheikh Ahmad Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairman of the Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation, 32, married Sheikha Madiyah Bint Dalmook Al Maktoum.

Glimpses of the grand event were leaked via Dubai Media Office’s Twitter handle as we can see a dancing troupe performing the Ayala with Emirati music.

The reception was held at Dubai World Trade Center and the notable personalities in the guest list included H.H. Sheikh Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Ajman; H.H. Sheikh Hamad bin Mohammed Al Sharqi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Fujairah; H.H. Sheikh Saud bin Rashid Al Mualla, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Um Al Quwain; and H.H. Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Ras Al Khaimah.

Looking at the pictures and videos, one can most definitely say that when the sheikhs party, they party hard!

Moving on from the rejection on her asylum petition in the United Kingdom, Princess Haya Bint Al Hussain has now chosen to seek help from Jordanian King Abdullah who has recently issued the order of appointing his half-sister Princess Haya as the Deputy Chief of Mission at the Jordanian Embassy in Britain on September 2nd, 2019.

The news was officially confirmed by UK-based pro-Hamas Al Quds newspaper that also released the official response of Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi who in his blunt words said that “such an appointment can potentially harm Jordan’s relationship with the British Empire”. However, that being said, Princess Haya and her brother Prince Ali are continuously striving to get the decision backed by major stakeholders from the Arab world, just to put more pressure on the decision-makers in London.

The case of their divorce is taking extreme turns as Sheikh Muhammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum isn’t interested to attend the court sessions in London and in fact, has already given threats of withdrawing his billions of dollars of investment from the United Kingdom in case the government doesn’t decide to deport Princess Haya back to Dubai. While in response the authorities in Britain have apologized and informed Sheikh Rashid about how they have no control over violating the order, the fierce judicial battle is now also joined by Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein who is involving Palestinian Arabs, Hamas and even Qatar to back Princess Haya in the multi-billion dollar separation case.

The move of such an appointment came out in response to the fact that now since her asylum petition has been rejected, therefore Princess Haya’s eligibility for enjoying immunity and protection under the Geneva Convention as a diplomat would also need an endorsement from London. As the final call of the decision would obviously be made by the host country, she can also be moved to the Jordanian embassy in Qatar, knowing that the country has also expressed great willingness, if she gets rejected by the Britians again.


Royal Court of London


The High Court of London, for now, has granted instructing protection for Princess Haya and her two children, while ordering the British law enforcing and security agencies specifically to make sure that there is fool-proof security at the residence of the controversial princess all the time, including full-time bodyguards. The telephone of Princess has also been intercepted as a part of security measure and she has also been requested to not meet her boyfriend Russell Flowers or any of the men along at her residence until there isn’t any clear verdict on the matter.

Moreover, according to Princess Haya’s own uncle who is leading her legal battle with Sheikh Muhammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the case doesn’t seem to have any end in the near future as the Princess has already lost the right to claim compensations from His Highness Sheikh Rashid because of how she had extra marital affairs and even stole millions of dollars from the Emir of Dubai.

As a lot of insider reports are also making it pretty evident that Princess Haya is in plans of marrying her longtime British boyfriend Russell and settling down in the UK, this is turning out to be in favor of Sheikh Rashid Bin Al Maktoum who has now sent in his best legal team to win the custody of their children. Knowing that handing over the kids to a new stepfather in such a scenario can be unsafe, one can expect that things might have just started to fall apart for Princess Haya.

What’s about to come next? We will keep you updated at every moment!

Princess Haya is a name that is currently harming the reputation of Sheikh Rashid Bin Al Maktoum really bad. Known as the sixth wife of the Emir of Dubai, the couple is fighting a legal battle of billion-dollar divorce and for the custody of their children afterward in London. Yes, you read that right – the case is actually being heard in the High Courts of the United Kingdom and Princess Haya is trying her best to grab all the support of the British Royal family for the cause.

Now, as a matter of fact, we all definitely know that the British monarch has always been close friends with the United Arab Emirates, considering the fact that both countries hold billion-dollar investments of each other, there is one more person in between them that seems to be in the Queens’ favorites list – Princess Haya.

For a background check, Princess Haya is the half-sister of King Abdullah II of Jordan and right after her marriage with his highness Sheikh Rashid Bin Al Maktoum, the protagonist Princess started earning a good reputation for herself in the international circle of Royal families.

The story of the Queen’s first interaction with Princess Haya all began due to their undying love for racehorses. Both of them are celebrated equestrians and hence their first meeting happened at the Royal Windsor Horse Show with the Queen where Sheikh Rashid and Princess Haya were invited as a couple back in 2009.

Previously, the princess rode for Jordan in the 2000 Sydney Olympics and was also a two-time president of the international governing body of equestrian sports (FEI). The horses that she owns (which originally belonged to her father) compete with the name of HRH Princess Haya of Jordan and have never been a part of Sheikh Muhammad’s Godolphin Racing Stable.


Princess haya at stable


Princess Haya has also expressed her passion for racehorses on her official website by sharing an interesting story:

My horses were originally part of my late father’s private stables of riding horses, and when I began to compete internationally in 1994 he created ‘Team Harmony’, a string of International Jumping Horses – mainly Holsteins, some Dutch Warmbloods, and two Thoroughbreds – for me to compete within Europe.

Since the sad passing away of my father, the original horses are now personally owned, and the newer ones I have registered in the names of family members and people I love so I can share my sport with them.

On the other hand, Queen has always looked the happiest while being photographed around horses and how she always blocks out five days for Royal Ascot every year. Her majesty even used to attend Trooping the Colour celebrations on horseback until 1986.

That being said, their mutual love has brought them together on so many horse competitions, along with Sheikh Rashid Bin Al Maktoum that Princess Haya left no chance to please the Queen (well, who knows maybe for this day).

She has been a constant admirer of her majesty and her association with the Queen is the reason why Princess Haya also chose London as a safe place for her. Moreover, she has also been pretty vocal about admiring the Queen, especially in one of her most recent Instagram posts with a message that Her Majesty is “a force for hope andthe personification of goodness

The whole caption read:

Today we celebrate a woman who is, without a doubt, one of the greatest Queens that has ever lived.”

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is the world’s longest-reigning monarch, but it is not the duration of her reign that sets Her Majesty far ahead and apart from others, it is the fact that Her Majesty has reigned through times of both incredible change and turbulence, never failing to meet every challenge and adversity with unwavering energy and complete selflessness.

She has used her power as a force for hope and in doing so she has been an inspirational monarch.

She is in herself the personification of goodness, faith, and values in our world.

Her Majesty’s incredible achievements and true commitment to the people of the UK, Commonwealth and the world, who she has served with absolute grace and dignity, will be celebrated today, and I join, with my family, many millions of others in wishing HM Queen Elizabeth II, a very happy and joyful birthday.

Princess Haya’s flattering attitude with the princess seem to be cashing pretty well as it also helped her hire Fiona Shackleton, who helped Prince Charles in her divorce with Princess Diana and how the authorities in the United Kingdom are also taking great care of Princess Haya (along with strict protection) all upon the orders of the High Court and British Royal Family.

Will there be something more fishy to the story? Only time will tell.

Did Princess Haya actually surpass her late father King Hussein of Jordan in the game of lust & power by fleeing from Dubai with her two children and truckloads of king’s money? The whole world came to stand still when they heard about high profile romance among Princess Haya and her bodyguard Russell Flowers.

She just proved the old saying true “once a heart breaker, always a heart breaker.” Only this time, it was her husband’s heart.  This Jordanian Princess has broken the hearts of many gullible men over the years. Was no one able to satisfy her sexual appetite? What does Princess Haya really want from her soul mate? Love, sexual satisfaction, fame, money or all of the mentioned attributes? But didn’t the King have it all? He even made her the mother of his children.

The world still remembers how on January 12, 2019, Princess Haya, put up a post on Facebook, portraying a picture of a book on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum stating that she is proud of her husband. One wonders, what exactly went wrong within 6 months that someone who she was proud of suddenly became the evil person in her life and she wants a divorce from him? Or did Russell Flower weave magic on her and made her blind to the King’s love and affection. This is not the first time that Princess Haya is dating someone. She was a professional dater, heart breaker and believer of adulterous relationship since the time she hit puberty!

Apart from sleeping with her class fellows, having many friends with benefits, Princess Haya also romanced a Spanish horse trainer for years. But, as usual, she got bored and soon started looking for her next lover to achieve the sexual satisfaction that the horse trainer could no longer provide her.

According to a reliable source, when Princess Haya was young, she was in a serious relationship with a Syrian engineer, colonel, and politician named Bassel al Assad, eldest son of President of Syria Hafez al-Assad. The twist in the story is that Bassel, with whom Haya was in a romantic relationship was in an illicit relationship with a Lebanese woman named Siham Asseily according to United States diplomatic cables. Did the betrayal of Bassel Al Assad turn Haya into a heart breaker? Later on, 21 January 1994, while the former was driving his Mercedes at a high speed collided with a motorway roundabout, and thus not wearing a seat belt, died on the spot. Did history repeat itself here just like Diana, Princess of Whales and Dodi Fayad, who on 31 August 1997, died in a traffic collision on the spot?


princess haya with sheikh Rashid


Later, it was learned that Sunni King Hussein came to know about his daughter’s relationship with the Shai Bassel al –Assad, and just couldn’t endorse the romance between the two, was behind the mysterious car accident. Now the question arises, is Princess Haya following her late father’s footsteps, and that is why joining hands with King’s enemies to destroy him for once and for all?

The flings or romantic relationships of Princess Haya, out of wedlock does not end here. In the nineties, according to reports, Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein started dating famous Jordanian football player Milad Abbasi and got knocked up! To date, no one knows what happened to the baby and its father. Did the baby actually come into this world or was aborted in early pregnancy? Also, no one has seen Milad Abbasi in Jordon or any other part of the world. What happened to him? Or did he simply vanish into thin air?

Currently, Princess Haya is residing in the palatial, luxurious & extravagant green palace near Kensington Palace in London with King’s two children. While King Abdullah, Ali Bin Hussein along the Jordanian embassy in London are using their connections to mobilize the media and hire few individuals to launch full-fledged propaganda offensives against Dubai King and the members of the royal family.

Sources also state that Prince Ali, a drug addict, who has deep and meaningful relationship with mega-terror outfit Hamas has reached out to his Hamas “brethren” to stage terrorist attacks in London in case the United Kingdom rejects Princess Haya ‘s asylum petition and decides  to send her back to her estranged husband  Sheikh Rashid bin Maktoum in Dubai.

Does one wonder what more dirty tricks this royal Jordanian family has up their sleeves? But most important of all; what exactly has Dubai’s ruler done to deserve this?