Divorce of Princess Haya

It is now official that for the first time in life, the Billionaire Emir of Dubai – Sheikh Muhammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum seems really heartbroken. While the reason has pretty much been made public by Princess Haya herself as she has just recently asked for wardship of her two children and “forced protection order” to trap Sheikh Rashid more into the billion-dollar divorce, His Highness Sheikh Rashid has finally replied back to all the criticism and controversy by taking support of his poetic talent.

The Prime Minister of Dubai expressed his grief regarding the divorce by posting a verse online with the title “Swords of the Excellence” right after his wife Princess Haya went to attend the first hearing of their case in High Court of Justice in London to fight for the legal battle of their children’s custody.

Princess Haya was the only fortunate wife among the six others of Sheikh Rashid who got every opportunity to walk hand in hand with the ruler of Dubai on every occasion. She was always given more liberty to do things which were pretty unusual as a wife of one of the greatest rulers of the Arab world; from expensive dresses to representing Sheikh on national and international forums, she had it all.  This altogether also eliminated the doubt that whether Sheikh’s marriage with Haya was some sort of a hidden mutual contract because, in the end, Sheikh Rashid seemed to be in too much love with her (which led to such favors as well)

As it is pretty much understandable that the news of almost three consecutive orders in past one month must have hurt him badly, therefore he decided to come out with the following words. The beauty however about this small piece of poetry is that Sheikh Rashid has penned down each word with so much sense that it can be made relevant for other people going through the same rough phase.

Disclaimer: It is a translation of Sheikh’s words according to Foreign Policy

Some wrongs are called betrayal, 

And you broke the boundary and betrayed. 

O you who betrayed the most precious of trust,

My sorrow revealed your game.

Your lie, let it be known, its time has passed,

We care not about “we were, and you were,”

I have proof of conviction, 

About what you did.

You loosened the reins of your horse, 

and the biggest mistake was that you lied.

You know your acts involve an insult, 

But you only insulted yourself.

You no longer have a place with me,

Walk away with whoever you were busy with.

Let your wickedness help you, 

I care not whether you live or die.

Sheikh Mohammed is a self-proclaimed poet who is also regarded highly for his sane choice of words to shed light on political and social occasions in the form of poetry. According to him, he has always considered poetry a hobby that he follows to enlighten people about things that matter and general life. So, looking at what Sheikh has written regarding his divorce, which is gaining publicity with every passing day, he feels sad to become the victim of infidelity in front of his own people who have always loved him.

The matter of their separation first became worst when Princess Haya flew from Dubai earlier this year along with her two other children. She has consistently been blaming Sheikh Rashid for oppression and a caged life in the name of her marriage with Sheikh.

While Princess Haya is in Dubai working closely with her legal team – including the divorce specialist lawyer Fiona Shackleton, who managed Prince Charles’ split with Princess Diana, Sheikh Muhammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, on the other hand, hasn’t appeared on any of the two hearings held till date. The final decision of the billion-dollar divorce will be announced on 11th November.

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