Princess Haya Blamed

It is no secret that Princess Haya has served as strong financial support for Jordan in the past. Her marriage to Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, although an arranged affair had proven to be a constant channel of financial aid when the Jordanians needed it the most. All was going well until the news of princess Haya’s escape from Dubai came out.

Since over a month this has been a hot topic in the Arab world, with lots of anticipation in motion regarding the hearing in the UK on November 11 the people are desperate to know the outcome of this case. Princess Haya mysteriously fled to Germany with the help of her close German diplomat friend taking her two children along. From there she made a move to England where she has filed three cases against the Sheikh of Dubai and father of her two kids.

While princess Haya takes the stance that she had been harassed by the offspring of her husband and that his wives had boycotted and humiliated her time and again, it is still not clear why she would file forced marriage protection and a wardship case in the courts of UK. This has taken a major blow on the reputation of the Sheikh, who is the prime minister of Dubai and a man of influence in the UAE.

Princess Haya who is Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s Sixth wife was always seen with him, and the two were known to share a close bond of love. Their presence was entertained by envious eyes of the commoners and people of the royal family as there are rare examples of couples in arranged marriages turning into lovebirds. After sharing such a bond of love and affection with the sheikh princess Haya has made a wrong move by declaring open war against him and shaming him across international waters. This has put the welfare of thousands of Jordanians living in the UAE at risk!

The fragile ties between Jordan and the Gulf states are no secret. Jordan had already put itself in a tight situation by keeping strong ties with the states which are not on Dubai’s list of favorites. Amidst all the chaos princess haya decided to take a leap and put the political affairs of so many states at risk! King Abdullah of Jordan who also happens to be princess Haya’s half brother has kept himself at a distance from this matter because anything that he says can directly affect the status of thousands of Jordanians living in UAE who have already been put under threat by princess Haya’s open call to battle in court.

Jordan has been known to take financial aid from Dubai and the other states of UAE. This open defamation of the Sheikh from princess Haya’s side is already reason enough to put an end to the handsome amount of money that was being sent from Dubai to Jordan in the name of financial aid. Princess Haya herself was also known to transfer large sums of Sheikhs money to the charity accounts in Jordan. Reports say that Jordan was being generously funded by princess Haya’s donations, but little do we know whether Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum had any knowledge of these donations. Moreover, it can be seen that princess Haya had open access to the Sheikhs finances as she has been known to give luxurious gifts to her friends and lovers as well.

Princess Haya Divorce

It is hard to fathom that princess haya was not being treated well by the Sheikh because among all his six wives she was the only one who was given the liberty of public appearances, a say in financial matters, foreign tours with the kings himself and the Sheikh actually seemed to enjoy the company of his iconic wife. This was something none of the other wives of the sheikh had. Stories of their romance were heard all over the Arab world then suddenly claiming that she wasn’t treated well is something that doesn’t really fit the picture.

The current scenario is such that Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum is ready for a settlement but he wants his kids back. Princess Haya’s refusal or lack of cooperation could cause the lives of many living in Dubai at financial risk because the once so generous Sheikh might not end up being so generous after being humiliated by a Jordanian princess. Tensions between Jordan and UAE can be seen to develop as last month king Abdullah praised his host Mohammed Bin Zayed in a ceremony during the joint exercises with the UAE. He named a division after him too but Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum never attended any of these ceremonies which clearly shows he’s not very happy with his wife, and king Abdullahs half-sisters betrayal.

All the Jordanians living in the UAE are eyeing the matter with great interest as things might change for them after November 11. Most of them are hoping that princess haya would not bring more baseless accusations to the court, which might have a negative impact on the lives of the Jordanians living in the UAE.

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