is princess haya playing

Who would have thought that in the game of lust and power, the darling of king’s eye, the peace of his heart, his most cherished and loved sixth wife Princess Haya would stoop so low! Or was she always that low but had covered it with a mask of deceit, treachery, and chicanery!

The country which is termed as a shopping paradise by the world, known for its modish, trend-setting skyscrapers and bustling nightlife is really under threat due to Princess Haya’s planned series of terrorist attacks?

The whole world is a witness of Princess Haya’s generous donation of US $553,800 helped thousands of families in Ghaza with food assistance for one year. Is she now using her donation for her own vindictive revenge against her soon to be Ex-husband or is it Ex already?

Is she using her big-hearted personal contribution to manipulate higher authorities of Palestine and Hamas to her full advantage? Did she marry King due to her undying love for him or for ulterior motive of getting as much support from Palestine to use it against him at the time of need?

According to reliable sources, after putting a huge black cloud on glitzy, glamourous and Los Angeles of Middle East, Dubai, Princess Haya is contacting some of the key figures in Hamas and the Palestinian Authority, requesting them to launch a series of planned attacks in Dubai to rile her soon to be Ex-husband.

There are even rumors of Princess Haya plotting an assassination attack on Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum through few of the old and loyal staff members of Dubai palace. Sources also state that she even bribed security personnel who shadow King day and night to assassinate him.

The burning question is why she has become so desperate in killing her husband who has done nothing but loves her with his whole being and all the wealth that he has to offer her. What will she gain by King’s assassination? Will her revenge be completed or she is also a trump card being used by King’s rivals?

Currently living in a palatial townhouse in Kensington Palace Gardens, in central London worth $107 million dollars, which she bought in her own name by deceiving her husband, she is preparing for a legal battle in the High Court as well as terror attacks against Dubai ruler.

If sources are to be believed, with the advice of few of her influential friends from France, Britain, Finland, Germany, Qatari rulers, and Iranian Mullahs, Princess Haya is plotting a downright nasty media coup against oppressive, cruel autocratic regime targeting United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia! Is her virulence against King of Dubai So strong, so Deep and so briny that she is gathering his adversaries, opponents, and foes to form an army against him?

Was smuggling 70 million dollars, which she effectively swindled with the aid of her African cohorts, gems, and jewelry worth an unknown amount of money not enough that she is planning of going for war against him?

What blow’s ones mind is her added emotional blackmail to Prince through deception and pretention to give her the custody of children. Do all these actions lead to the opening of the pandora box as to why did she marry the King in the first place? Was garnering money her only intent? Or she actually fell out of love for him and found her real prince charming in Russell Flowers?

Are the higher authorities of Hamas and Palestine not aware that it is not actually Princess Haya’s money but King’s money which was generously donated to them? What is the real motive of Princess Haya about supporting the ties with Palestine and Hamas in the first place and not contributing in mending the relation between Israel and the United Arab Emirates?

The real question lies, Why King Abdullah, Princess Haya’s half-brother is being a silent spectator in this whole battle? Is he avoiding any fall out from a case involving his half-sister and a fundamental gulf alley? But the news that jolt one’s mind is that according to sources, King Abdullah of Jordon, was aware of his sister’s secret romance and even probed, encouraged her to flee with as much of king’s treasure as she can get her hands on!

The latest news which has added fuel to the fire is how her western contacts have encouraged her to launch movement via social media to instigate Arabs to oust cruel dictators through mass revolt. Additionally, it is reported that in the ensuing months she will be releasing several documentaries in which she will talk and expose nepotism, sexual perversion, murders, corruption and dealing in drugs by the UAE rulers!

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